VHS Needs your help - Please run a Workshop!


With fall approaching - we need some workshops or theme nights in the calendar. Please join in and share what you know - it’s a great way to community build and also helps us bring in new members., have you thought about running a workshop at VHS? Please do!

Workshops run in the past:

  • Steambending wood
  • Casting/molding
  • how to solder
  • learning to code
  • learning to use graphic design software
  • AM radio kit build
  • retro computer night
  • toy hacking drop in
  • circuit bending
  • paper prototyping
  • building a knitting yarn swift
  • sewing
  • quilting
  • sock knitting
  • making seed bombs
  • other things that members know/are interested in

Check out the events category 2 to see some examples.

Obviously some types of workshops require materials/money collected up front. Some are public and some are members only. It’s up to you.

Or how about a theme night?
Another easy way to run an event is to have a theme night where people drop in for a casual gathering. For example if you know a bunch about programming RGB LEDS – why not run an LED night where everyone drops by with their light-related projects? People can work together, show off there projects, and share info.

You need a Keyholder to open the space
If you’re not a keyholder, you’ll need a keyholder to open the space for your event but there are lots of us around so just ask, check the VHS calendar, set a time/date, and add it to the calendar. If you need help, just ask. Often other members assist with workshops. They are a fun time. Also don’t forget to advertise your event on talk/slack/twitter/etc.



I ran a plant theme night last night where people came down with plant clippings, exchanged seeds, repotted plants and hung out. It was great. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Who will add the next new workshop or theme night at VHS to the calendar?



I can do sewing once we have 5 machines up and running. I can’t affordably do a smaller workshop cause it works out best number with the space and time is myself and at least 4 students


I want to do Bob Ross night sept 21


Web scraping 101 (or intro to python via web scraping) in (editted) November


Regarding the web-scaping workshop, I ended up signing up to SteveB’s woodworking course at tradeworks and won’t have time to do this workshop until November. If somebody wants to run it earlier or collaborate with me for the November version please let me know.


Just bumping this. Please share your knowledge in a workshop at VHS!


@jarrett put this perfectly in another thread!

Please run a workshop, charge whatever you like, and pocket whatever percentage of that you like! If you actually charge and make Real Money from doing it, maybe you will be encouraged to run even more, and VHS wins, you win, your students win! It’s a great situation all around.


Not a workshop but a drop-in evening to come and hang out and work on Alexa and over voice-interface projects.


VHS needs more workshops or theme nights. We’re totally volunteer run so if you can share a skill or open the space for a night of hacking/making on a particular topic please do so. If you respond here I’ll add your event to the calendar for you. Thanks!


I’d like to do one later November for sewing diy totebags though i’m not sure how many hours it would take. If I can do in one afternoon or evening or should split into 2. This is the project https://kwiksew.mccall.com/k3597