Wood Turning Class - Sign up list


Hey all; I have a follow-up surgery on my wrist coming up early next month. I might be able to fit one more class in April, but either way I’ll have to take a short break on this for a few weeks. If you don’t see any classes come up in May, don’t worry, they’ll be back soon.



Hey all,

I’ve recovered enough from surgery to start these back up! Expect invites soon!

Additionally, it sounds like we are now up to 3 lathes due to a generous gift by one of the members of the Greater Vancouver Woodturning Guild. http://www.gvwg.ca/

As usual, this class will be free of charge due to some generous donations of materials, but a donation is recommended to VHS so that we can maintain other awesome around the space.


Are any you available for a July 26th class at 7pm to 10pm?


Good news Mike. Glad to hear about your recovery. Unfortunately I can’t make it tomorrow, but I am still interested.


Oh, its actually a month away; not tomorrow. :slight_smile:


I wpuld love to be in that class Mike!


I would love too as well!


Hey @mike this is dope af. Please mark me down for the earlierst one possible :wink:


Oh then I am in! Thanks for setting up.



Putting the sign up list down here so I don’t have to scroll as much, sorry for extra pings:


@imsofluffy [ Accepted July 26th ]
@Dmo [ Accepted July 26th ]
@miststlkr [ Accepted July 26th ]

@mario.paredes88 [Invited for April 12th, no response]
@Rachel [Invited for July 26th no response]
@hectorh [Invited for April 5th, no response, Invited for July 26th no response]
@DESP [Invited for July 26th no response]
@Brusser [Invited for July 26th no response]



Are you available for July 26th? I have 2 slots unclaimed so far.


Is there still a spot? This is @Brusser / Michael




Hi Michael, I’m sorry but it filled up, but would early August work for you?


yes I hope :slight_smile: What date is planned?



Count me in for August as well. I’m trying to have my membership activated / accepted.


Sign me up for August also please!


As always, Mike generously donated his time and tools for all of us to learn. I’m proud to say that as a collective we each had a hand in making this beautiful walnut b̶o̶w̶l̶ s̶m̶a̶l̶l̶e̶r̶ ̶b̶o̶w̶l̶ ashtray.

Thanks again Mike.

Pro tip for the ladies … don’t wear a deep v neck to lathe class unless you enjoy wood chips in your bra.


I apologize to everyone that has been waiting a long time for a class. Honestly, my biggest burden to this class was not teaching it, but following up with everyone and trying to fill the slots.

In consideration of that, (and I’m sorry if this disenfranchises anyone) I’m going to switch to EventBrite for registrations. I’ve made all the tickets free, but if I start having no-shows I’ll need to start making a nominal fee.

Here’s the next two classes. One is in November, one is in December.

[Fixed Link]

Pinging @Meet_Upadhyay @Sal_Dash @Neo @faja66 @salil @MCTaylor17 as they were the next on the list so they have a better shot of getting the next openings.

[edit] Also, I’m happy to do repeats if anyone who has taken the class wants a refresher. Just grab a ticket for when you want to come.


Hi Mike,

Sorry I missed on the previous invitation. I would be happy to join one of the upcoming classes. The link on EventBrite didn’t open, when I sign in with my email it says ( You do not have permission for this event.)

Can you help with that? my email is s.k.aldahash@gmail.com




Hi @Sal_Dash

Thanks, sorry I put up the wrong link, try this one:


It worked, thanks! I signed up for Dec 13.