Wood Turning Class - Sign up list


Great class Mike! I learned a lot. I can highly recommend it for anyone to get a hands on intro to wood lathe.



Thanks Mark!

I’ve added you @brusser and @miststlkr; I’ve updated the most recent listing post to reflect the current state.

For everyone else, I should have another class date figured out in the next few days.


Looking forward for my turn :slight_smile: What are you guys usually turn for class?


Mike has a few projects up his sleeve. Mimi and I made this cool woodcarving mallet. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeGyjjlFdQ8/


Most classes we’ve done a wood turned box. But to go from no experience, learn the basic cuts with the most common tools up to making a box in one session was taking a bit too long, so I’ve mixed it up (also for my own personal interest).

With Janet and Mimi, we started a bit late and Janet has been doing some wood carving, so we figured the mallet was a good project. This last Thursday I had two people who had turned before, so we focused more on technique with more advanced cuts on the skew chisel, and some wood preparation techniques. I keep the classes small enough where everyone has their own lathe. If you have something that you’d like to work on, tell me ahead of time and we can figure out if it is viable.

I think I’m going to keep mixing up the project as I go forward; as it keeps it interesting for me, and keeps me thinking on my toes. My favorite professors at University did the same thing, and I think it helps keep the instructor engaged and not running on autopilot.

Ideas for future classes so far are:

Toy tops, Mallets (though that would probably take a second class for the mortising), stool legs, honey dippers, etc.

If you have an idea for something you’d like me to make you can also post it here!

Also, as a cross-plug. Make sure you check out the woodturner’s guild. I hear great things and intend to go for the first time this month.



Very beautiful!


I think it’s a great idea to keep changing projects otherwise you would get bored pretty fast. I love your idea about making a mortise. This is something I were looking to buy actually a bit ago but couldn’t find.
Thanks for a link, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


Total aside: I’m still carving but on hiatus due to lack of greenwood. If any sees any random fruitwood branches lying around please let me know.


A mixed-wood dice cup would be a fun one for gamers. I’d like to try that, but for the class I’ll do whatever you have in mind.


That should be doable!

You’ll want to prepare the glueup ahead of time. Go ahead and PM me if you have questions, but ideally choose similar density hardwood and glue in the same grain direction.


Hey! I’d love to be put on the list for the next class!


Hi Mike. I’m really interested in joining your class, I would appreciate it if you add me to the list. Thanks.



That is awesome. Bammbamm would be proud.


I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this class, and say Mike makes it very accessible to people that are just starting out. As someone that hasnt been in a woodshop since highschool shop class, I enjoyed learning and felt much more confident by the end. Tip of the hat bud!