Wood Turning Class - Sign up list


Put me down for the next class please


Hi Hector, I’m still working through the list; there’s quite a bit of interest and backlog, but I’m contacting people in the order that they sign up.

Just so there’s some transparency, the class with @3bien and @Rebel_without_Clause is happening tonight.

There were a few ‘beta’ people that I ran before this call-out, so thats where the first 2 classes went.

I’ll be contacting Janet and Xquared once I have the next date determined. At this rate, I would expect around February unless I can speed up the rate of classes.

Thanks for the interest!


Mike ran the awesome wood turning class with me and @Rebel_without_Clause last night, this is what I ended up with (still needs a little bit of work on the lid and base):

Thanks you so much Mike!


Thank you Mike for the awesome class!
This is my semi-finished Seasonings Container.


Into it! let me know when you have space.


Hi there! my name is Mario Paredes. I would love to join the next wood turning class!! can you please let me know when is it going to take place?

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I’d be happy to take part, whenever there’s a spot!


Hi All! Thanks for the recent requests! I’m working through the list, but I had to cancel this week’s class due to illness.

One note, the classes are for members only, but you can sign up as a member. Right now, based on rough math and the rate that I think I’ll be holding classes, I should be able to teach those that are requesting now sometime in late February.

Again, thanks for your interest. I wish I could get through the requests a bit more quickly, but as I’m only charging for consumable materials, this really is just time I have to donate.

@mario.paredes88 , I’m going to have a moderator mask your email address so we don’t get any spambots from the great ol’ internet spamming you, but once you are up for a date, I’ll message you on here, which should send you an email.



Sorry to hear that Mike, get well soon!


Awesome thanks Mike!


Hey Mike, can you add me to a list for your next class please?


Current Ordered List is:

List last updated June 26

(Moved Below)

If I have gotten order wrong or missed anyone, please let me know. (Yikes that’s a lot) I’m going to try to get some help to try to run more classes. I love the interest but I feel bad that some of you will be waiting awhile.

This list should also offer an estimate of when you will be in the class. I’m trying to spin up a second instructor so we can get through more people faster; if we spin up a second trainer, I’ll announce that here.

Thanks all!


Hey Mike! If you have space on that expanding list of interested folks, I’d certainly like to get my feet wet!


Awesome!! Can’t wait!


When there is room - my wife and I would like to do the class.


Okay; spinning these up again after a bit of a break. The next invites for the next couple classes are going out now.


Okay; starting to run out of time on this one, so posting here; first to respond gets it.

I’ve contacted a few people for this Thursday’s class but no bites so far. I have one opening for Thursday at 6:30pm to 9pm-ish.

Anyone interested?


Okay; this Thursday’s class is now filled.


Could I get added to this list for the next class?



I’ve been wanting in on this for a long time and things are finally slowing down for me. I’d love in on a future class when possible. Thanks for doing these!