Wood Turning Class - Sign up list


Wow, that’s filling up fast! 1 slot left for each class.


Just in case I haven’t reached everyone, this thursday we are doing a woodturning demo at the new location (1601 Venables).

Check out the meetup page. Signing up on the meetup helps me figure out how many snacks to buy.

If you haven’t taken my class, I encourage you to come, Barry is an excellent teacher by all accounts. If you have taken my class, Barry will be showing how to turn a bowl, something you didn’t get (or didn’t get very well) in my class!


this thursday you say?! You mean I can also check out the new location at the same time? And taught by Barry?! Oh man, this is going to be great!


Does VTL, Makerlabs, Colabs, etc etc know all about this fab event? If so, just ignore me.


I sent an email to the Colab members list.


Does anyone live near Britannia? Might be worth taking a couple of print outs to the library/community center – local interest.