Welcome to talk.vanhack.ca


This is the VHS (Vancouver Hack Space) forums.

Who is this for
Everyone, including people that are not VHS members.

What kind of stuff can be posted here
Preferably nothing that is illegal, gray areas are fine but we don’t want to get in trouble. Please be curtious and friendly.

  • Cat pictures,
  • Funny animations,
  • How to build a homemade microwave,
  • Works in progress pictures,
  • Completed projects pictures,
  • Post-mortems,
  • Anything you want.

Other information exists

[Q] Can I use VHS Talk just like I used the old mailing list via email?
[A] Mostly. You can create new topics, you can set up your account to get emailed when new topics are posted, and you can reply to posts via email. There are some limitations and formatting issues but its mostly useable.

Our forum software can be configured to work very similarly to a mailing list. Simply sign in to your account, go to your preferences, and set them like this:

[Q] How do I post a new thread to the forums via email

To post to the forum from your email account similar to the way the current mailing list works.

  1. Create an account on talk.vanhack.ca using your email address that you send mail from
  2. Send an email to space@talk.vanhack.ca and it will be posted in the “Space and infrastructure” category

List of email address:

If you try to send an email to any of the above address without an account activated on VHS Talk you will get the following error message.

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“space@talk.vanhack.ca”] (titled This is the subject line) didn’t work.There is no known account with this email address. Try sending from a different email address, or contact a staff member.

You can only have ONE email address associated with your account so make it the one that you normally send emails from. https://meta.discourse.org/t/two-emails-for-one-user/16328

Note: This post was done via email, The MARKDOWN syntax is used not HTML. This is a feature not a bug. I like MARKDOWN.

[Q] What is the members category and how is it different from the general categories?
[A] The members category is for members only and is used to talk about internal issues such as:
Promoting a new member to a key member,
Financial info about the society,
Minutes of member meetings,
Discuss society business on the members channel.

[Q] How to get added to the members category?
[A] First, you need to become a VHS member, which you can do in person at VHS on any open night or online (online is easier). When you sign up, post to a space-and-infrastructure category requesting access.
See This Thread for details.

[Q] I have an additional address I would like to post from (e.g., I primarily use foo@bar.net but sometimes I want to send messages from foo@example.com).
[A] This is not supported by Discourse at this time.

[Q] Why did the mailing list get killed?
[A] Deactivating the mailing list and migrating to VHS Talk

[Q] Can we improve discourse ?
[A] Yes! We’re hosting this software ourselves, and the source is available on Github. It is under active development by the Discourse team, so you can also see what features are planned and submit your own ideas at http://meta.discourse.org.