Where to get new blade for old foodprocessor

All this talk about cooking has me thinking it’s time to repair my food processor, it’s an old B&D unit that’s like 30 years old and until the blade broke, it worked really well. Basically the D shaped “sleeve” that goes over the motor axle split, I was able to close it by using zip straps but they interfere with the blade spinning when the unit is fully assembled. I used to go to Do IT All Services on Kingsway for these sorts of parts, but they’ve been out of business for a few years now it seems. Even when they were in business, last time I tried about 5-7 years ago, they couldn’t source a replacement blade for me :frowning: Any other suggestions?

Is there some kind of solvent, eg crazy glue that would strong enough to repair the cracked plastic AND stand up under heavy load without breaking again? And ideally be food safe when dry so I can wash the unit by hand and put it it in the dishwasher.

You can see photos of the blade and my attempted hack job here.

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I just updated this post to collect all info on one page:

I’ve had luck with Reliable Parts in the past for small appliance parts. They have a store in Port Coquitlam near IKEA and KMS Tools. Still seems like a long shot, but give them a call.

++ on Reliable Parts. They have a great search feature on their website, and often include schematics with part numbers.

Hmm they have a similar KitchenAid blade


but a total dearth of B&D parts :frowning:

Black and Decker Suggests these guys or maybe this might help?

Thanks for those links.

I suspect I am SOL, as I went back through my notes which indicate calling
B&D about 10 years ago and the model was old enough they said they don’t have
parts for it anymore.

It was the B&D Food Processor Supreme model. Just looked at the base and it
was the FP350A model.

Google that part number and you don’t find anything relevant. Guess I’ll have
to resign myself to getting something new unless someone has a suggestion on
how to fuse the cracked plastic with something strong.

Umm…, laser-weld?

The plastic? How would I go about doing that? Especially given the very
tight spacing as per the photo’s I posted.

I think I am going to goto a local metal working shop and have them build me
a thin stainless steel collar to put around the cracked axel post. I expect
that’ll be strong enough to handle the torque and thin enough to not
interfere with the operation of the blade.