Howto send email to create a message post to a vhs talk member?

As some of you know I prefer some of the old ways. I have my reason and they seem valid to me. :slight_smile:

I know how to send a message through talk to another vhs talk member.

How do I send a message from email to a vhs talk member?

It would be great if this was already in the wiki. Perhaps it is and I did not find it.

misread the question

I believe the function I want setup is discourse email-in

I will probably need to log on and see how discouse is configured
@TyIsI can you help with me with pointers to discourse
fear not I have many years of sysops under my belt.

@Tysl also discourse is not sending out email messages

I do not see any options for emailing directly to user. This is a feature request you’ll have to make to the Discourse team.

You have always been able start a new thread by email, as described here:

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