VHS WLED Pixel Controller Kits (and others) For Sale

Have a project that needs some pixel LEDs controlled?
Want your Halloween costume to light up and amaze people?
Don’t want to have to wire up an Arduino and spend time searching the web for some code to make your pixels do some animation effects?

Then think about getting a WLED controller kit. It uses the ESPixelPOPs controller but has the WLED firmware installed. It gives you a web (or IOS/Android app) controllable pixel driver that can also work in a stand alone mode. Has a wide range of animation effects and can drive over 500 pixels.

wled parts

You can find more details here:

And a complete build guide here:

And if needed I’m always available to help to help with any questions or issues.

The WLED controller kit alone is $20.00 and if you also want a 1 meter 30 pixel WS2812B strip included then the cost is $30.00. $5.00 of each kit sold goes to the VHS so you are also helping to support the VHS.

I also have a few of the previous kits available:

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