VHS Pixel Ring Goggle Kits For Sale ($30.00)

Stuck at home and want to build something…
Have an urge to be a bit more Steampunkish…
How about a kit to build a pair of Pixel Goggles

The kit includes all the required parts:

  • 1x DigiSpark Attiny85 module clone (included header strip will not be used)
  • 2x 16 LED WS2812 Pixel Ring
  • 1x AAA Battery Holder (with switch)
  • 1x Pair Of Goggles
  • 4x Translucent Lenses
  • 1x 6 Inch Length 3 Conductor wire
  • 1x 3 Inch Length 3 Conductor wire

This is all based on the Adafruit project here:

And I have made up a reasonably detailed build guide:

And you can find more information here:

If desired I can do some virtual workshops to help with any questions or issues.

All for $30.00 ($5 of each kit gets donated to the Space)


Sure, I’ll take a kit, thanks

Count me in. Which also reminds me, there was another @packetbob light show project from a while back that I gotta nab from you and play with.

@SteveRoy & @chadleaman
I have left your kits in the Drop Box…
You will find the build guide here: https://zappedmyself.com/vhs-pixel-goggle-kit/
You will be the first to follow the guide so please let me know if anything is missed or not clear…


Hey Bob, I’ll take one of the kits if you still have any left.

I’d like two please! How do I pay you? :slight_smile:

@3bien - Your kit is in the Dropbox at the Space

@Arrgh - Your kits are in the Drop Box at the Space…

I have found a few more code examples to run on the ATtiny85 based controller in the google kits and here is one of them…

I have 5 kits left…

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Anyone manage to put one of these together yet?
Curious as to any issue with the build guide…

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Giving my couple as gifts here next week. Got one more still that I can buy off you again? Thought now is I can build it as well… don’t want them to have all the fun.

I have 5 left so no problem…

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K have you in my interact, will nab 2.

@chadleaman - I’ll drop your kits off at the Space this weekend…

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