VHS Membership Cards are here!

Hey all!

I’m happy to announce our VHS Membership cards have arrived just moments ago!

There is still some work to be done on setting up how we manage and program the cards but we are a major step forward!

The cards look awesome! Thanks everyone for all your help and patience!


Thanks for doing the work! I know it wasn’t easy.

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What frequency do they use? Whats there stats ?

it is an ntag213 chip: Operating frequency of 13.56 MHz


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Any recommended readers that can interface with a micro-controller (like an Arduino?)

I am guessing something like this would work


or this

$15.53 CND

In a tangentially-related note, I wonder if one of these wold work?

@funvill: It looks to me with my very limited experience that those would both work and appears to be corroborated by this product at Adafruit using the same reader chip with more clearly-stated specs.

It may be best to wait for someone with more experience to chime in before committing though.

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Good questions, the cards are compliant NFC cards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near_field_communication

Frequency: 13.56MHz

In particular they are ISO/IEC 14443-3A spec cards using NXP MIFARE Ultralight (Ultralight C) NTAG213 chips.

Any reader/writer that follows those standards will work fine, pretty commonly advertised simply as NFC or stating ISO 14443. There are advanced features on the chip that enable password protection, read-only on time switch, etc that go slight beyond the most basica ISO 14443 (ie. ISO 14443-3) but as long as you can read the serial number off of the card that is all that our current systems require. We may expand this in the future.

The minimum recommended readers are:

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Yup PN532 will work!

Yup it supports reading ISO 14443A, it will work!

That’s the PN532 chip, it’ll work!

Where is the link to order the card?


Thanks but I need help getting to that screen!!
I get here and dont see a way out.
[image: Inline image 1]

@toptekkie login to Nomos at http://membership.vanhack.ca and in there you’ll find the Purchase section. I haven’t made an official announcement about purchasing cards because I wanted to test out our issuing system, etc but it’s all working so feel free to go ahead in there! Once payment has been made you’ll need to find a time to be at the space with a director that can issue the card. I’ll make an official post with all the details as soon as I can.

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Can I put it in my iPhone wallet and be card free?

its an NFC card, you can register any NFC tag id to your account to use for space access. The hardware should be installed on the door at VHS in a few weeks, equipment scans, etc to follow.

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