Continuing work on the RFID door entry system

A couple of years ago an RFID entry system was set up, which was intended to supplant the current system of a shared code on an electronic deadbolt. To the best of my knowledge after asking around, the hardware is fully set up on the door but the software integration may not be complete and the Pi running it was unreachable. I want to get this system working since it seems like a very useful thing to have.

We should be able to use either the VHS membership cards or Compass cards (lol) to badge into the space when this is all set up. Note that the reason that Compass cards can be equivalently used is because the membership cards use a chip where you can really only identify them with their UID, and there are not challenge-response authentication features, so it is just as easy to clone either one’s UID with a phone (still an overall improvement in security). Chip details: VHS Membership Cards are here! - #4 by miststlkr

Yesterday I pulled out the Pi and confirmed it seems to be alive, but potentially is having some networking issues. @TyIsI has confirmed it is now reachable, so that seems to be resolved.

Next steps are to get the software working and look into the state of the Nomos integration.

Original TapKit thread: VHS Tapkit - IoT package to bootstrap NFC tap for all the VHS things!

See #vhs-tapkit on Slack for live discussion.