VHS Tapkit - IoT package to bootstrap NFC tap for all the VHS things!


Anyone interested in a VHS group project? @Andrew_Hendriks had a great idea of doing a group project of putting together an integrated IoT package for member card tap around VHS. Along the lines of NFC + WiFi + etc to help bootstrap people’s projects & fun ideas to use VHS member cards to tap things around the space. Some of the ideas, door access, tool lockouts, room/tool reserve queues, beer counter, etc.

I think if we design it as a kit then it can serve as a good “learn to IoT” type project for new members but also be a cool way to integrate creative projects with VHS members & the space. Side benefit of lighting a fire under us to get things like tool lockouts and NFC access on all of our entrances, etc.

I started a git repo & a slack channel #vhs-tapkit

If you have interest or skills in this area come join!