The Venables Prepper Thread


Also agreed about the subfloor - but we should pull up one board first to peek under it to make sure it’s not covering something we need to be aware of.

But same deal there - it needs a permit before it’s removed as it’s on the City’s drawings of the building.


Next step before we paint that wall would be people on ladders cleaning the dust off the top of the duct-work and also the pipes that run along the wall. Not a ton of crap on them, but the best time to clean it off.
Maybe a light sanding on the wall to help the paint stick a little better.


Can we get rolling on the permit for the floor, double doors for the laser room, and some wall changes for the side small rooms in the back?


Yep, I’m contacting the building manager for the CAD files to make changes to, and auth for the changes of course.


Tentatively some more work being done tomorrow, if anyone wants to come down and help - Sanding and paint prep and such


I propose a layout that provides the least cost to moving in. If walls and electricity changes will cost time and money, I propose we move to this layout first, make our changes, then find our final layout.

This layout (possibly with one of the current workshop plastic sheets to separate the small room in the back) would provide dust separation by default, power requirements by default.

The welding area is separated in a room not suitable for welding, but in earnest, we probably have no chance of having any place suitable for welding on day1. Unless we are welding outside, there won’t be anywhere with suitable fume extraction or a welding table.

The Venable Mullet - Floorplan Discussion

Also, I would vote against putting a dust extractor in the compressor room. After seeing it, it seems like it is too low for any decently large dust extractor, and unless we have the woodshop directly next to it, the main run will be much too long. The access to that room is poor, and moving a full bin of dust up those steps will be painful enough to prevent frequent cleanings.


Today I came into possession of a paint scraper. I thought it may come in handy working on the new space, so I left it at the old space on one of the front tables.

If it’s useful for the renovation cool. If it’s useful for VHS to have, awesome. If anyone wants it personally, great.
(Read: I don’t need it, and it will likely get tossed if it comes home with me.)


I’ve been trying to get access to the new space with the explicit intent to be able to make another floor plan suggestion. So, can I please get a key or someone to open up for me, and pretty please a chopsaw or something else loud so I can do some actual sound testing with someone?


My buddy who is a carpenter will help hang double doors for the laser room if/when needed.


What’s the status on finding an electrician? Asking because my dad is a fully licensed electrician (long career with YVR), and may be interested in this. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes if the job is already taken, but it might be a suitable option


That may be very useful @Ka_Wai_Lee! @packetbob will be back from vacation soon, and we can coordinate our needs then, either through your dad or @packetbob’s contacts. How’s his availability to meet up at the space next week and do a walkthrough?


I wanna put up a timelapse camera in Venables showing work being done. Maybe keep it up for move-in.

As always, remove it from the space when we’re settled in, because creepy

This post is a poll. Thoughts?

  • I love cameras!
  • boo cameras!

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i voted yes, only for the duration of the move. after that, boo cameras


I’ll just wear a balaclava. :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw I spoke with one person who had concerns, and we’ve alleviated that - Basically accessible power plug they can pull out when they’re in the space - The poll is anonymous though, so I don’t know who else voted no! If you could contact me, we can work something out!


Gave the large office the first coat of paint today. It will need 2 more as it’s a light colour going over a dark colour.

Still lots to do in the entry/office spaces. Anyone who wants to can sand and/or tsp the walls in the entry and small office and prime/paint them. The 2 gallons I left in the large office should be used there for the 2nd & 3rd coats and if any is left it can be used elsewhere.

Bring a good 2" brush to cut in the top etc and rollers. The roller I used on the large office is in a plastic bag in the freezer.


Timelapsing now happening.

If you have any issues with that, just pull this plug on your right when you walk in the door:

It’s well out of view, easy to reach. Plug it in again when you leave, please!

Also, if you make a mistake, just shoot me a message, and I’ll delete whatever timeranges you like, immediatemente.
Nothing is stored locally, it’s all securely stored on a server only I have access to.


Now, there’s still a huge amount of prep work to be done at Venables! Lots of painting, and layout planning, and various fixing up. Join us in #hackspace-moving and #hackspace-packing in Slack! There are people there working almost every day!