The Venables Prepper Thread


Now, there’s still a huge amount of prep work to be done at Venables! Lots of painting, and layout planning, and various fixing up. Join us in #hackspace-moving and #hackspace-packing in Slack! There are people there working almost every day!


I’ll come paint on Monday Jan 14th noon - 5 pm at the new space. Mimi also going to come. Everyone else welcome. We could knock off at 5pm and grab a beer a few doors down at East Van Brewing. Come join us.

Someone may also be there in the evening so you could come and have a beer with us after work and then paint the night away.


If the large office needs another coat - feel free to paint it.
If there is any paint left over from it, then it could be used on either the entry way or small office
I left a roller on the table downstairs. Brushes etc are in the freezer.



If anyone wants to help with Venables reno, check the #hackspace-moving channel on slack for a list of task pinned and updated daily
we really do need all hands on deck.
if you have experience and are comfortable patching / mudding drywall, great!
if not, we could still using the help with sanding walls and readying them from priming and painting.
and we will need help with painting of course.

if you’d rather not get your clothe permanently dirtied, consider helping us pack at the cook street.


FYI here’s the breaker layout that we know about. It’s a physical wiki. You need silver pens, though.