The Venables Prepper Thread


Unlike our last couple moves, there is a fairly significant amount of work to be done in the new space before stuff gets moved in.

For reference, here is the general thread for packing up Cook St:

And the general thread for coordinating moving to Venables:

And this thread will focus completely on prep in the new place, including:


@rsim has done a vague mock up of what the new layout could look like:

Anyone else is welcome to draw up their own! More ideas are better on this!


Very first order of business:

One of the walls, the longest uninterrupted one on the east has a few holes punched in the interior drywall for inspection, it looks like.

  • Patch the wall (with landlord permission)
  • Clean the wall
  • Paint the wall

Thinking of doing this over the next few days. There’s some 3/4" chipboard that should be suitable for patching, and we can grab the VHS mop to do some cleaning, I don’t think anyone’s going to miss it :wink:

Then it might be a good idea to wait a day or two to paint, make sure everything dries.


Probably best just to vac the walls rather than wet the drywall especially since some edges are exposed from hole punching.


pick up some flexible compressed air hoses with quick release air nozzles and blow all the dust off the tops of the duct works. Will need to do this at the end of a day to let dust settle. Probably best to wear a respirator too.


If only we had an air compressor and lines in the space for running compressed air near the ductwork. ;D


We do. Just need the flex hoses for the last 10-20 feet of working area


hmmm also wondering if I could swiffer all the dust off the top of the ductwork. Might be better than putting it into the air.


When are we going to be able to start working on this? I have access to virtually infinite quantities of free paint. I’m keen to bring all of my paint stuff down and giv’er as soon as possible.


Thinking about heading down this evening or tomorrow to start patching. Patching->cleaning->painting, painting is still a couple days off.

Big things needed for first steps:

  • Ladder

  • Mop

  • Shop vac

  • Speakers

A bunch of small stuff we need (measuring tape, dust masks, and hand tools) I can bring in my tiny car, nbd.


I can come down later today if @Jarrett, or anyone else will be there. I can bring whatever we probably don’t have at the space, like music and putty knives.


Probably be there by 1PM today @jade @steveroy, anyone else who wants to help.

If anyone has a vehicle, a ladder and a mop would be helpful!


I have a box of drywall putty/patch stuff i will bring down - if it’s not solid by now.
Also a ladder


Hey guys, have any of you seen Toma around? Is he busy helping with the move?


Do we have a to do list of renovations that need doing? I have experience with reno and can help out


@Adam_Barlev he wasn’t at the new space today


Looking at the new space, I think the laser should go in the small office near the front of the building.
However we would have to make the single door into a double door and get LL permission to do this.
I think the plus in having the laser here is that it would vent on the Woodlands Drive side of the building.

There is another small room right by the backdoor, but we would have to vent across the lane from the houses in the area.
This is what the room looks like with the existing door:

This is the room. There is a windows behind the fabric

What do other peeps think? Worth getting permission from the LL and re-framing the door into a double?


I agree! I was hoping for more activity with regards to floor plans, just in case some other interesting options were presented before we locked into putting in that double-door for the laser, but it’s looking like we all agree so should just move ahead with it. :slight_smile: I’ve got some stuff to do with regards to getting LL permission, but will get the ball rolling on that. We will need to get a building permit before starting any work.


Any thoughts on the sub-floor in the main area?
If kept it will need to have the boards re-fastened down and also extended out to the wall on the street side.


I’d really like to see that subfloor go. It’s a filth magnet! But also will just make moving equipment around more difficult. I don’t think it really gives us any benefit.