The Venable Mullet - Floorplan Discussion


Does anyone have an CAD format of the floorplan for the new space?
I have seen people post conceptual plans, but nothing CAD format with properly scaled tools and benches. So before I go too far down the rabbit hole and duplicate someone else’s work thought I would ask first.

Failing that I am going to start working towards making one up and then laser cutting a scale plan with all the tools and benches as separate tiles (similar to the one that’s on the wall at cook street). This would greatly help in conceptualizing and laying out the new space. Plus it makes a great drinking game while you war over which territories your camp gets to claim.

Proposing 1’:1cm scale as it makes cutting new benches and tools really easy and turns every ruler into a scale ruler.


What scale are the existing magnets? Can we just use those for the scale layout and add anything that is missing?


All the magnetic pieces I cut before at a 3cm:1m scale. If you keep it metric then we can reuse those pieces.

Makes it easy to measure minimum “hallway” gaps as 1 meter or just 3cm on the map. Minimum hallway is really 3 feet but to account for margin of error between equipment and layout optimism I found the the 3.2 feet you get from the 1 meter in the 3cm:1m scale is more practical.


Ps the magnetic board with pieces is on the wall in the lounge at Cook St


I looked today for a Talk post or wiki page about the magnetic board but came up empty. Do you still have the digital files you could post?



I think I still have a bunch of sticky backed magnetic sheets if we want to cut more pieces.


So update on this, Gimpy has taken on printing out the new floorplan at scale. I think the current plan is to print it on paper and stick it to the metal table.


Yup, as others have said, I have taken the metal welding table to the new space, and I’m printing out the layout of the new space at the 3cm:1m scale.

I have all the magnets from the equipment, and I’ll make new ones for new equipment. @laftho, that magnet sheet would be great. Can you bring it to the old space?


@Rob_MacKenzie yea I’ll dig it up and bring it down tonight


Before I forget!

My floor plan suggestion:


  • metal working is on both sides of that dividing wall, which I would ideally like to have removed (the wall on the left of the label)
  • sliding or double doors for the welding area, so we can keep dust out
  • everything with fumes (primarily) in the small office upstairs
  • storage next to the laser cutter room
  • somewhat requires negative pressure in the workshop in case of dust (but dust extraction should help with that), or over-pressure in the rest of the areas; curtains like we have now would also help with that



Just as a general note, if possible you really want a wall between the welding/grinding area and any sort of mill/lathe/cnc. That grit gets everywhere and destroys gibs and ways.