The Mullet: Internet Provider choices


I am organizing internet at the new space!

Being a hackspace, we probably want some access to the internet. Luckily, because we have such talented members who do administration (And thank you all so much, masters of dhcp, wireless, voip, domains, servers, FPGA, networks, etc), our requirements are actually pretty simple. We want a fast, reliable connection, for around $100 a month (Current bill is $111). Extra points for:

  • 1 or more ipv4 static leases
  • ipv6
  • an sla
  • ethical company

The building:
The building has multiple copper pairs coming in, some old, some much older. I didn’t see any coax coming in, but the transmission poles are very near the building, so running a line is not out of the question (this was not possible at cook)

The choices:
First, good to read this thread from when we moved to cook street:

We are currently with Smartt on bonded vdsl, and they’ve provided very reliable service. I can’t actually think of a time the internet was down at the space and it wasn’t an internal problem. I’ll be reaching out to them for a quote again.

I have already requested quotes from lightspeed and skywaywest, two companies that I’ve got positive vibes on. I’ll also be requesting one from teksavvy (They don’t seem to do bonding, so i’ll be asking them about running coax for a cable connection)

I haven’t done much fiber work. I did provision a building with epik networks, but the building was fiber ready and it was pretty much just making a phone call and letting them in to the server room. If anyone has more experience here, I’d love the help.

@DerrickA4mag mentioned that he wanted to help out I think. Let’s chat!

The Venables Prepper Thread

Contacted Urban Fiber as well for fiber.


As much as everyone dislikes Shaw, I would check them out. Especially to see if they still offer the Shaw Go upgrade for business accounts


Just curious, what’s the Shaw go upgrade for business and how does it help?


Shaw ain’t so bad. Telus is the devil tho.


Requested a shaw consult as well, based on recommendations here.


At the Bunker, we had a free upgrade to 100Mbit, in exchange for hosting a Shaw Go access point.


Cool. I’ll enquire about it.

I was already gonna get the 300 megabit one on a deal though, we’ll see what kinda deal I can swing.


Offering to help wire in data runs to server rack in the new location in my spare time, though time is in shorter supply these days (working full time). I have experience installing Cat-5/6 and phone cables, complete with wall jacks and faceplates. Also doing the BIX rail punchdowns on the server side. Have my own punchdown tool, and a set of cable tracing/sniffing tools for locating wire ends.