Teach VECTOR partnership conditions that work for VHS

Is your partnership with the Woodworkers Guild a superb model for us to show to VECTOR members? I was wondering if you could share the list of conditions that makes up your partnership with the Guild.

In December 2019, your warm encouragement brought several members of VECTOR to an open house to better understand VHS. Janet has shared her knowledge about how to approach building a partnership between VHS and VECTOR during a quarterly general meeting.

Notes about Woodworkers Guild partnership:

  1. monthly meetings at VHS open to VHS members
  2. teaches VHS members techniques
  3. allows Guild to use equipment
  4. approved by vote at a quarterly general meeting

Opportunities in VECTOR partnership:

  1. become certified for amateur radio
  2. promote VHS membership to electronics hobbyists in VECTOR
  3. share technical workshops for learning
  4. participate in VECTOR technical projects
  5. VECTOR helps improve VHS radio program or equipment
  6. VECTOR project teams use VHS tools
  7. …?

Thank you,
Jesse’ (he|him)


Sounds fantastic to me

Luke, Would you be able to help me see the list of conditions VHS put together for your partnership with the Woodworkers Guild?

Hi Jesse
We spoke at the UBC workshop a while back.

I think a partnership would be great for both VHS and VECTOR. The physical space of VHS is currently not open to non-members. However this is a great time for us to hash out a framework that will work for both organizations so that when there is a further loosening of restrictions, we can help VECTOR host workshop at our space.

A note on the woodworker’s guild arrangement: not all our equipment are open to non-members, however, tools such as soldering irons are already available to non-member during open house in the before times.

VHS has had an amateur radio club, but hasn’t been active lately. It would be really nice if there is renewed interest here.
Given the precedence of woodworking guild, I can’t see much opposition to a partnership with VECTOR, once we have the details hammered out, we can pass the proposal either by calling an EGM or just have it pass at the next QGM.


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I’m hoping to get a VHS/UHF antenna and SDR set up at the space at the very least, but I definitely hope to see more presence of VECTOR at VHS

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@ve7det I dug up this list of questions that we posed to the Woodworkers Guild, to see if holding their meetings at VHS would be a good fit (they ended up being a very good fit, as far as I know). Maybe you could consider and answer these questions too?

Q1: All VHS visitors must sign a VHS waiver, so with VECTOR is that a problem?

Q2: VECTOR would not have exclusive space access (as our members have 24 hour access ) although meeting/workshops take priority at VHS. Is that an issue?

Q3. How many people are usually at a VECTOR meeting/workshop and how long are meetings?

Q4. Would you require access to the electronics benches or any other equipment?

Q5. Would you need storage? Would you need any permanent space?

Q6: What fees do you have associated with VECTOR meetings/workshops? Would VHS members who attend be required to pay the full amount?

Q7: Would you need wifi, kitchenette access, projector use, etc?

These questions will help everyone understand expectations. But honestly everything is pretty flexible and it sounds like there is general support for this idea.

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Thank you, Luca!

Our next monthly member meeting is on 2020-07-08. I’ll raise this there and at the July board meeting on 2020-07-22.

Unless you suggest otherwise, I’ll interpret that VHS needs to only share the details of the Woodworkers-VHS agreement between members. So, I’ll focus on the questions above.

I don’t think there is or was any official agreement. The questions above were in the members-only section of this forum, but I don’t think they are in any way sensitive, so I’ve reposted them here. These are not strict “conditions” - they are just some questions so we can understand your needs and expectations.

Another approach would be to just pick an event and do it. You only really need one existing keyholder member to be the “bottom liner” for the event. They will be responsible to opening up and then locking up the building afterwards, etc. If you wanted to organize a ham radio demo evening some time, I would be willing to be the bottom liner. We could probably convince @Rob_MacKenzie to come too. To observe physical distancing we can all sit 5m apart and only talk through our radios. :slight_smile:



FWIW, I’m not sure we need a policy per se for groups holding recurring meetings at VHS, a consensus should be good enough. :slight_smile:


How do your partner groups manage acquired liability risk?