What do you think about partnering with VECTOR?

I hope that everyone knows about VECTOR already. VECTOR creates and maintains radio gear as well as partnering with city emergency management, police and fire fighters to set up protocols and practice with radios.

VECTOR is making portable kits and so far is using volunteer’s home workshops and the craft room at Kerrisdale Seniors Centre to work on a set of prototype kits we can store in moist environments.

What do you think about partnering with VECTOR?

I wonder about

  • working areas
  • sessions for new VECTOR operators to learn and practise soldering

I consider VECTOR’s mission and purpose flowing from amateur radio teams supporting every part of Vancouver with VEMA to deliver messages for the community whenever needed.

Thank you,


Yes! At the very least, VHS is a great place to do soldering and electronics for VECTOR folks. We have a pretty thriving community of designing and building PCBs here, including surface mount.

We’ve also got some members interested in radio and RF in general. From digital ISM band stuff like LoRaWAN, to regular amateur radio hobby stuff.

VHS used to have a club station. VE7VHS I believe. A bunch of us also did our amateur license training and testing with @toptekkie at VHS a few years ago. Unfortunately we don’t quite have the critical mass of interest to have our own station. (Or maybe I’m wrong).

All that to say: yes, let’s do some stuff together.



Not licensed yet but totally interested in radio. I see no reason why you shouldn’t reach out to them.

I’m totally on board with this, although not speaking as a board member at the moment :wink:

I imagine that the open house time boxes on Tuesdays are the best time to visit and chat. I also wonder whether I would be able to reach board members in those sessions.

What do you think?

The soonest Tuesday I could visit is next week.

I don’t think you need a board member at all, unless there are financial or safety implications to any aspect of the proposed partnership.

If you can get at least one keyholder to agree to bottom-line whatever meetings/events you want to hold, and abide by the rules, that’s most of the sporting event. :wink:

Say, Luke, how many amateur radio folks do you know who are active in the hack space?

Alex, would you expect to see some board members at an open house? We have lots of questions from members about how this might work.

Here are some:

You don’t need a VHS director’s involvement. Any VHS keyholder can champion an event at VHS in conjunction with VECTOR. I could maybe be that person. Or @Rob_MacKenzie. :slight_smile:

What sort of event would you like to do?

In any case, do come to the open houses. Sadly I won’t be there tonight.

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Hi, Jessé
Did you manage to make it down last night?
I had to go to another meetup, sorry if I missed you.


Hey, I just saw this message. I’d LOVE to see some more radio stuff going on at VHS. We don’t have active radio stuff, but when we laid out the area, we had a corner kind of set aside for HAM equipment.

We do still have some antennas, cables, and other equipment kicking around somewhere.

Jessé, let’s figure out a day, and whoever can make it can come by. Doesn’t need to be a tuesday.

Feel free to reach out to me, my number is 778-709-0763, or hit me up on 146.940 (Don’t actually, I don’t monitor it much :smiley:)


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No. I was preparing my report for the VECTOR annual general meeting tonight.

VHS feels welcoming and we have yet to come by the studio.


I have managed to draw in 4 others to explore tonight’s open house session, though.

I am eager to meet you.

We learned a lot from the folks out last week. Greg, Luke and Ingacio taught us a lot. We also learned about the new screen-printing station even though we forgot the name of the person who shared their passion about it with us.

Welcoming and knowledgeable people showed us a very large workspace with a broader range of workstations than we expected.

We now have a better understanding of VHSS and still more questions to explore together.


My name is Yeung and I was the one that showed you the screen printing setup. It was nice to meet you.