Taig CNC Mill Training


Please add me to the list, I am interested in learning how to use the CNC, so i can work on the mill if/when a project calls for it


I am going to be running a demo on this part or another one. I am thinking either Saturday or weekday afternoon. Who wants to see something like this and brush up on CAM and machine operation?


Sure I would be interested! Thank you for the awesome offer to show it! Is this a part of a tool post?


I’m interested.




I’m interested in learning how to use the CNC machine for a few personal projects. Please add me to the list. How do we find out if we’ve been enrolled?



Count me in @Gear105. Please keep me posted for when you’re planning to hold the workshop :3


I would love to see as well !


Would anyone who has taken the training be interested in a meetup to talk about their experience or projects and share ideas?


I’d be interested in that


Yes this would be great!


Yep. I’ve gotten great use from the taig. Use it about once per month on average.


There will be a meetup on June 21st at 5pm.



Is anyone interested in training this Saturday?



Is anyone trained interested in a refresher?


I am interested in CNC training!


Hey, can you add me to the list please?


I am! but I can’t make it there until 3pm at the earliest. What time are you thinking of starting ?


Yes, I am interested in the refresher course. The weekend of 28th-29th July (Sat-Sun) 7:00/8:00 am - afternoon works best for me.
Thanks again!


I am.



Hey Brian,

I’m down for some CNC training this Saturday. Really appreciate you volunteering your time :3