Taig CNC Mill Training


I’m pretty busy these days, but if I’m free I’d definitely be interested.


I’d love a refresher thanks! Name a time and I’ll try to make it work - my time is starting to get a bit more flexible for the first time in 3 months (oh how fun life has been for that time…).


refresh + advanced topic?


Please add me to the list for milling 101.


I would like to have a refresher too.


@jimmy @salil can you make it 7am this Saturday?


Yes I can


I’ll see you at 7am Saturday :3


Added to the list.

What kind of advanced machining would you like to cover?

Sorry classes start early on Saturdays

The refresher will cover programming and machining of a complete part. The first one will be Tuesday 24th July, if that doesn’t conflict too much with the open night.

Please bring $60 and any models or parts you want to discuss.


Thanks anyways. Please keep me on the list for the next round :slight_smile:


What time do we start and end on July 24th evening? 6:00 pm sounds good. Thanks Brian!


Thank you for the add!


i would like like to know some better zeroing techniques, especially for the z-axis
setting up multiple workspace coordinates so you can mill multiples at the same time would be nice as well


Will do, but this is typically when the classes are.

6:00 sounds good.

There isn’t much to do about the zeroing except testing and getting better at it, or getting different tools like a tool setter. Could look into making press fit plastic collars, they can be somewhat repeatable. Work coordinate systems are a good one. If you have a project you want to tackle we can cover that too.


Y axis had a bit of play, so I adjusted it. The machine is a little bit squishy and needs some adjustment. Will probably cover that on Tuesday.

Filled up the oil can. Don’t forget to oil the ways!

Where is the 6mm? I will bring a new one by.

Where is the old vice? Who’s vice is this? Edit: Found the vice, it was sitting inside of the Grizzly.


Made a washer for the z axis column so it can be done up tighter.


i want to make a mold for the plastic injection machine. we can set up that as a multiple.
Should i show up for the Tuesday refresher?


Aiming for the same, mold making for the Injection Molder.


The Groz vice is from the Grizzly - I guess someone swapped them for some reason? Please don’t do that, people - keep the tools with the machines they belong with. :slight_smile:


what time for the refresher?