Taig CNC Mill Training


@xquared and @Rebel_without_Clause and anyone else who wants to make something for the injection molder - here is a model of the face/holes of the mounting plate. Line up your mounting holes and injection point with the ones in this model. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions :slight_smile:



I am here now doing gib adjustment.


Sorry can’t come tonight, hope to catch up with you next time!

CNC Training Soon?

Hi everyone, is there anyone available to train me on using the CNC machine. I would like to use it but heard that it requires training.



Added you to the list. What do you want to make?


Hi @Gear105,

Thank you for adding me. I see the waitlist has 18 people in it, and training happens only once a week with 2 people max. Does this mean I won’t be able to use the CNC until 2.5 months from now? Thanks.


Sorry I can’t make any guarantees. What do you want to make?


We are making a machine


What kind of machine are you making?