Taig CNC Mill Training


Sign up here to get trained on the CNC milling machine! There are a few things to note. Machining is a very deep subject, one course isn’t going to cut it and allow everyone to do anything. I am considering doing multiple levels to unlock additional skills, and perhaps individual coaching for specialized projects. The class size is currently limited to two people to allow the limited time of the course to have the biggest impact to the people taking it. Machining is expensive even if you do it yourself, so be prepared to spend money to buy tools and materials to complete your projects properly.


  1. Get familiar with Fusion 360! There are fusion nights, attend one or more! We will be using it for CAM (computer aided machining). Bring a computer to the class with Fusion 360 installed.

  2. Classes are Saturday mornings at 7am and I recommend leaving the day open, some classes have gone for a long time, might be a good idea to bring a lunch.

  3. Price per class is $60 and it is pre-pay to avoid no shows.

  4. Classes are scheduled as availability comes up look out for a PM on the VHS talk.

  5. I recommend, but it isn’t required to have a project in mind so that I can tailor the course so your project is approachable. Ask me if what you have in mind is realistic to start on.

Training Waiting List

Advanced Training Waiting List

Trained people

Any CNC workshops coming up?
Thursday is open for members, now until February 1. Can someone please teach me the CNC?

I would be interested in being your Keyholder/student if you get this lined up.


I am very keen. I’m a keyholder, familiar with Fusion 360, and have done about as much homework on Fusion’s CAM as I can without touching a machine. I was the one who latched on to your informal training last weekend, but would like to go through the full training.


Sounds good, count me in.


If you want a hand with questions and such I could hang out on a Sunday

I’m not so familiar with Taig, but I can handle the FusionCAM and general
machining questions.


I’m in!
Will you be covering all the CNC machines?
Let me know thanks.


I would like to sign up as well


I’m keen, sign me up


I’d be up for round two of the training.


@Gear105 I’m interested. When will you have some proposed dates?


Im keen too, thanks. -Bob


I would like to sign up too.


I would love to get on that training


Is anyone game for a 7am start on the 31st? Keep in mind we need a keyholder! Class will be 3 hours and it will cover basic machine setup and programming!


7am is pretty early, but I’m game. And I’m a keyholder.


Did you want some help in regards to fielding Fusion questions? I can help
with that if it would maybe help get more kids in the class. I don’t want
to step on your toes, but I also see how popular this seems to be.


I’m up for the class on the cnc. Just not a 7am class. Even if I made it on time I would only be physically present. Not mentally. :slight_smile:


I think it might be easier to just stay up a few extra hours than call that a morning class… :wink:

I’ll try to be there! Can I paypal you?


I wake up super early usually and have a busy schedule. Saturday mornings just work well for me. Thanks @Big_Mak shoot any fusion questions. I may do an after work class but in order to fit a decent introduction we have to get a decent start on it in the day. Next class will be next Saturday same time.


Next class will be on the 7th at 7am! Let me know who can attend.