Taig CNC Mill Training


Absolutely interested, but was unable to make it to the first class.

Will there be a refresher, or will this class only be for people who
attended the previous one?


This will be another level 1 class. No plans yet for level 2. That will come as people get more advanced and want to do more complicated parts.


I can make it.



Do you have three people yet?
I am game for attending.


Just so you know interest hasn’t waned, if I were in town that day I’d have signed up already.

Thank you @Gear105 for putting these classes on.


Ditto on the interest… Next weekend doesn’t work but very interested in the class!!!


I’d like to thank @Gear105 for a brilliant course this past Saturday. We covered an amazing amount of material over a timeframe exceeding eleven hours. Our instructor demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of both CAM and physical machining, and showed genuine enthusiasm for sharing that knowledge and copious patience for beginners.

This is easily one of the best courses I’ve taken at VHS. Thank you, Brian!


Thank you Andrew!

I am busy this coming Saturday moving machinery, and the next class on the 21st is full. Thank you all for the support! I am working my way through people who have expressed interest and proposing dates going forward. I will try and keep everyone in the loop. If you think you have been missed or just want to remind me please just shoot me a message here on the talk or in slack.


The class on the 28th is now full. I am working out a plan depending on how the next two classes go to do a split up afternoon class over 5 weeks in two hour sessions 6-8 PM.




Hi Brian:

Not sure if you are aware but VHS is participating in the 48 Hour Access makethon the weekend of Friday, January 27, 6 pm Sunday, January 29, 6 pm.

There are going to be A LOT of people coming through using tools and space so I would recommend moving this class to one week later.



Hey mark,

I scheduled the class before the access makeathon was announced . It would be great to combine the two I will ask the class participants what they think.


Maybe the class can facilitate making a part for one of the teams. I did post in the access makeathon thread.


Hey all,

I admit, the back corner might get a bit busy, but I don’t think we need to cancel/move anything. It both wouldn’t be fair to ask, and I think we can all get along!

Is it possible, for this event, to move the CNC you’ll be working with to the LED wall? If we take out a table, that would give you lots of room, and may even be a better spot to teach the CNC, with chairs and more room for people to see from all angles.


I’ll reschedule the class.


No no, I don’t think that’s needed!


February the 4th is now booked up! I will be sending out messages for scheduling the next classes both for the weekend class and weekday class now tentatively starting on the 2nd.


There is one more spot available for the evening training 6-8pm Thursdays for 4-5 weeks.


I’m very interested in learning the basics of the CNC
Thanks, Erin


Is there a date I can sign up to do the CNC training? Thanks :slight_smile: Erin