Taig CNC Mill Training


Hi Brian, I hope you counted on my message sent directed to you 2 weeks ago. Anyways, I’m very interested to participate as soon as possible. Thank you, Emerson


Please add my name to the list, too.


Edited the first post.

The 11th coming up is booked for a manual machine course. The 18th is going to be for maintenance purposes.

Calling anyone who has taken training.


Message me if you are interested in learning how to maintain and adjust working elements of the machine.

More improvements are coming to the Wiki, posted messages on the machine, and the to the electronics.

@stopmotionerin @Emerson I am waiting to book classes in the future till they get closer, I have had some people forget about their class or have other obligations come up.

@JDMc I will add you to the list.


I can help with the maintenance on the 18th depending on the times


Absolutely interested in maintenance and adjustments.


will definitely be there for the 11th. can’t commit to 18th at the moment


@xquared Sorry, to clarify I have a full class for manual machining.

The 18th is going to be for routine maintenance, a couple hours tops, for anyone who is interested in seeing the guts of how the machine works and how to make it work better. Haven’t decided on a time yet.


I’m in for the learning about Maintenance on the 18th.



Thanks. Do you have a ball park idea when it might be? Thanks so much :slight_smile: looking forward to it


Will do my best to get to both classes


@Yaremko The manual class is fully booked.


yeah, that’s cool, i want to do the maintainence training, but i need to keep the 18th open for now


Please let me know when the next orientation class for the CNC is, I would like to attend.


For everyone who is waiting for the class, remember there are very few people qualified to teach, the classes take a lot of commitment, and for safety and practical reasons the class sizes are intentionally small.

It is super awesome that there is a lot of interest, but please be patient. Mad props to @Gear105 for all his fantastic work in educating us.

There is a lot of effort expended on his part for each class. Please be patient if you are on a waiting list.

I was able to attend one of his classes recently and the pure effort put forth was admirable.

++ to @Gear105


Sorry to everyone who expressed interest in the maintenance today, unfortunately I cannot make it in today.


Thanks for doing this @Gear105, I would love to grab a spot when you have a spot free.



Any key holders out there that want to take a class this Saturday?


Would this be the initial training or the maintenance class?


It would be the intro training. I have postponed the maintenance for now until I get a new controller ready to go.


I’ll gladly be your Keyholder!