Taig CNC Mill Training


Definitely interested!


I need another keyholder for this Saturday, is anyone interested?


what time?

There is a FPGA RTOS class starting at 14:30




I should be free this Saturday and would love to take the training, I could be your keyholder.


Yo @stopmotionerin if you haven’t seen this already!


@Jarrett thanks i did, sorry i have been writing with Gear105


Please film the steps to setting up, shutting down, and changing tools. I use the machine infrequently and I would like to rewatch the procedure(s) before I risk damaging the machine.


It is going to be changing very soon to a more simply procedure. I am finalizing the plans for a new controller and motors. I will film the new system to update everyone.


Do you have someone to open the space on Saturday 7:00am?

If not ping me and I can open it between 7:00am and 10:30am.


Hi, I just get your reply, I was waiting this morning for the CNC lesson and didn`t know about the list, please put my name in the Waiting List… very interested


Calling anyone who has taken the CNC course I am finding that I am rapidly running out of time. Running the course as fun as it is I cannot find time to run it in parallel with all of my other obligations and opportunities as often as I would like to.


If there is any way that I can help I am will to take on some basic training. Not quite so strong on setting up end mills in the Tool library. @lukecyca might be willing to do this with me?



Love it, thank you to all for this


I’m happy to help with the Fusion side if it was helpful in the class I was in. I’ll be using the CNC a bit more after my Ukulele is completed.


Is there a way to lessen the time commitment for @Gear105 in the long run? Is it possible to run a train-the-trainer type event?


@JDMc I think I am going to stick with the training, there isn’t much of a backlog anymore. Will start doing level 2 classes soon and maybe some individual coaching.


Right now a decent amount of time in the class is spent on Fusion 360. An introductory course or the Fusion nights would help for new users getting more time in the course learning the more machining oriented details.


I’m going to be hosting semi-regular Fusion360 nights. If you want to learn to CNC, I highly recommend keeping a look-out for these nights. We had a great night this last Wednesday.


Sign me up :slight_smile: