Taig CNC Mill Training


Hello Gear105,

Pl. sign me up as well!


Hey, finally got back to Vancouver and renewed my membership. I’d very much like to attend the next CNC mill training :slight_smile:


Please sign me up if I’m not already, thank you


So the current list for training would be, more than Id thought… I’ve definitely missed a few people here and there. I will strive to be more consistent and make more lists.


Next class is April 8th, will message folks on the list in order and allow a day for response on availability.


Thank you for conducting the CNC class!
Best Regards,


Please add me to the queue as well.


Please also add me to the list. Thanks Brian! Also - if there is anything the space can do to thank you for all this training you have done and are doing, please let us know. Cheers.


Please add me to the waiting list :slight_smile:


are there any plans for running a more advanced CNC course?


Sure is, I will figure out something and fit it in.


Hello Brian,

When is the CNC class scheduled?


@Rebel_without_Clause They are scheduled as they are available.


Are now trained!


Cleaned the computer out it was super dusty and shut down unexpectedly and would not restart until it was dusted. If it does that again it may be time to get a new computer with the new controller which is still on the way,

Cleaned out the coolant pump, it was jammed up with chips, so the coolant flow is now back to normal. Also scooped out the coolant tank.

Please remember to clean out the the collet nut and collets so their accuracy and lifespan is maintained!

On a side note good cutters really are worth it!

The first cutter is an offbrand 1/8 endmill, this video doesn’t do justice to just how loud the chattey this cutter was!

The second is 1/8 CGS ferocious running the exact same code, the CGS could be pushed ALOT faster.


Can’t wait to try the CGS cutters I ordered out


Just for reference this cutter has bit the dust. Stocked up the box with a new 1/4 EM and 3/16 EM conventional style. Trained @JDMc and @Rebel_without_Clause



Last Saturday I did some maintenance on the machine. If anyone has any feedback about how it is running leave it here.


Please add me to the waiting list :slightly_smiling_face:




Hi Taig,
I would like to be on the training waiting list for the CNC mill.