Taig CNC Mill Training


Please add me to the list too.





I would strongly recommend to prospective users to have a project ready and modelled in Fusion360. With a large array of applications and tooling it is hard to create a course in such a short time which allows for general use. Take a look around the internet and see what people use machine tools for. With a project ready to go I can tailor the course to suit your application and get into specific work holding and tooling solutions.


If anybody wants a project, i’d pay for materials… Large front chainring for recumbent bike.


Unfortunately that’s a little big for the machine. There are only 5.5" in the y axis. Biggest ring I made on that machine was 32t for a BMX and it still required indexing which is a little advanced for an intro course. Rear single speed rings and spacers are possible.



@Logan_Buchy trained!

He helped fix the control computer, the CPU was at 75c idling. We popped some new thermal grease in there and scavenged a fan. Idle is now 40c. Also put in a new power supply.

I am going to make a project for people who have been trained. It’s going to be a VHS box cutter with a replaceable blade. I’m going to make a nice guide so people can review their skills and learn new ones!



To those still waiting I can no longer run classes on Saturday. I can run classes Mon-Wednesday earlier on in the evening if possible. Please let me know what works for you.


I can make any of those days - but not until September probably.


From September on, they all work for me.


I am going to get the Taig upgraded to ball screws, get a new spindle, and install new closed loop stepper motors. I have to ship the original machine back to Taig tools and they will supply back a brand new X/Y axis and ball screws on all axis. Does anyone have any jobs they want to complete on the machine before I ship it to Taig?



ship when, return ETA?


I just emailed Taig today. I am not sure what the turn around will be yet. When would it be good for you to ship it?


I could also do it in the evenings


Hi Brian, thank you for the update and thank you so much for the maintenance. Do you know when we could count with the Taig again after everything is fixed?


If I had to guess it would likely be down for somewhere around a month.


Taig says it will only take two days to turn around. I also need to setup the new control box for new drivers and power supplies.


This is awesome Brian. I’m not waiting on the Taig.

Also I’d be happy to throw some $$ to help with the cost of the upgrade.

Let me know.



Hi Brian, thank you so much for collecting all information and updating us. It has been a while that I haven’t been there but I was thinking of returning sometime next week for cnc a small part. On the other hand I can wait as long as it takes and like Mark, please count on me as well for $input. Thank you so much again, have a great evening, Emerson


Thank you Brian!
Would be happy to help (is this something we can do?). Or does it require manufacturers’ experience?