Taig CNC Mill Training


I would love to join as well !


Thanks for holding a training session :slightly_smiling_face:

Any time Thursday, Friday or Saturday works for me.


I could do Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. I was thinking of doing a branding iron for ‘signing’ woodworking projects.



Trained people, does anyone want to help out so I can train more than two people at a time?

@Rebel_without_Clause Anyone who has taken the course before would be good to come again for review and help.


Hi @Gear105,
Thank you, when do you plan to have your next training session? Last time I had neither a Windows nor a Mac computer, hence was unable to follow along with your CAM training. I am getting a Windows machine ready for Fusion 360 CAM part.



Yeah - I’d be willing to help. Can develop some course materials and maybe split off some of the Fusion stuff. Let’s chat.


I’ve lurked helping with Fusion before. I think that was helpful, if so I can lurk as a Fusion TA.


I have semi-organized notes typed out from my training session that might be useful for all the trainers/trainees. I can try to finalize them and send them over to you @Gear105 for editing/adding/sharing purposes.


Hi Brian, you can count with my help as well. Since there is enough people willing to teach Fusion 360 I would help with operating and maintenance of TAIG. By the way, many users that have been trained and not used the TAIG for very very long should also be considering assistance before they are alone for the first time.


May be the ones who is going to help operating the TAIG could post some few things we have concrete done to display the skills we have learned and were able to apply. It is great to be capable of designing complex things is FUSION360, but there is a big gap between a designed part and an aluminum machined in our hands.


Hi Brian.
Love to help out. Wanna split it into using CAM and using taig? Loads of us
can help with the Cam bits.


How about a split into a Fusion360 training night by fusion peeps, followed by Part 2: the CNC Training?


Alright I am going to be at the space tomorrow around 12 till 8. This will not be an official training session but we will try and get a better plan of action nailed down and make this more collaborative. The cooperative is the biggest strength of the VHS and people helping people will give this whole thing more momentum. I am thinking about making a video training or refresher guide as well. Hope to see you all there.


See you tomorrow, are you going to do a “Dry Run” of the training, decide which things to include etc.?


New spindle has been installed. Please remember to clean collets and collet nut every time before assembling. Old worn collets have been removed. Test dial indicator was broken and it has been removed. I cleaned up the setup box and removed a bunch worn and broken tools and fixturing items. Working on a new checklist for use to keep everything consistent.


I could certainly benefit from a Fusion360 tour, and had held off replying to this thread because I’m so terrible at “thinking in 3d”. :confused:


Anyone fancy doing an intro to Fusion360: Design for CNC night in the next while? Then we can get our design act together before the actual CNCing training on the mill.


I want to get better at modelling in Fusion. I always just flip back to SolidWorks because I can use it much faster…


Hey all, just a heads up that I found the CNC controller and the computer left on today. I got in around 10:45 AM, so it was very possibly left overnight. I turned it off, but please remember to turn both off when you’re done with the Taig.


Please add me to the list, I am interested in learning how to use the CNC and I have a project in mind I want to try.