SMD 102 workshop - ATX breakout board or Molex breakout board 28th 7pm


This is a beginners SMD workshop. We’ll be using the paste dispenser to make a very simple but useful tool. The ATX breakout board or two molex breakout boards. The ATX breakout gives 3.3V/5V/12V from a PC power supply, this model also has a USB power output. The Molex breakout gives 5V/12V from the hard disk connector, it can be used in conjunction with the ATX breakout or as a way to get power from a PC.

The parts kit has been kindly paid for by a grant, please consider donating to VHS on the night.

People should have some soldering experience - the focus will be on SMD soldering, not soldering in general. All tools and materials will be provided. Please consider bringing your own soldering iron with a fine tip - it is easier if you can keep working with the same tool. Whilst anyone is welcome, first time SMD solderers are preferred.

Tickets at
Admission by donation

Grants are cool
H/W Interfacing to a BeagleBone Black - AKA two VHS SMD projects being put to use

We did this once before as seen in this thread.


I just added one more ticket.


Lots of fun was had making breakout boards tonight and we raised $65 towards a toaster oven controller.


This was a lot of fun! Thanks for organizing this @TomKeddie!

Baking boards in the Toast-R-Oven is always fun!

Glowing LEDS! Who can resist! :slight_smile:


Thanks for running this workshop, @TomKeddie! I had fun and the thing might turn out to be useful. :smile:


Thanks @TomKeddie … didn’t know you were collecting funds for a toaster oven. Put me down for $10, I’ll give them to you together with the money for the CAN bus transceivers.


Buenas tardes, un consulta, disponen como para subir el pcb y el circuito del proyecto.Muchas gracias


Hola amigo,
Creo que es este proyecto:

Puede comprarlo en Seeed o puede hacer clic en los enlaces que se encuentran dentro de los archivos de PCB.

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