Remote Control Car Workshop - Wednesday, May 11th, 6pm

Hi all,

I’ll be running a workshop for custom RC cars. You will be provided with all of the basic components - A microcontroller, motors, and everything to join them all together.

The idea here is to get a basic RC car platform in everyone’s hands, just the boring stuff, so that we can build upon it and let our creativity go wild in unexpected ways. The hope would be to see anything from desk-sized Roombas, to racing leagues, to tiny Battlebots, to autonomous sumobots.


It is intentionally hacked together really roughly, because this workshop is for anyone with even a basic amount of tech ability! You don’t have to be an expert builder, maker, programmer, solderer, or artisan. If you’re really good at any particular area, you can really put in the work to improve that part of your vehicle, but everything else will Just Work.

Customising the chassis will be the first thing many people will want to do, I suspect.


(Not mine, not in scope of this workshop)

The thing is super fun to drive around.

The cost is $50 for VHS members, $100 for non-members. Cash in person, or email money transfer. Happy to welcome new VHS members!
Spots will be capped at 8 people for now.
Wednesday, May 11th, 6pm

Required tools: Only a laptop and microUSB cable, the rest of it we have at VHS. Only basic soldering and computer skills required.

There will be a little bit of homework beforehand, but I expect we can finish this in one evening. If not, we can organise a second day soon after.

I can also provide advice on what needs to be done to get these into a good shape for robot combat, or any of the other projects mentioned above (spoiler, much of the components will need to be replaced eventually, but it can be done piecemeal)


That’s super cool. What are you using for the remote?

Your phone, over WiFi. It’s not ideal, but it is cheap and easy. Better transmitters are $60-300, and would be a fairly simple drop-in component.

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Amazing! Thanks for running this!!!

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Damn, I’d really like to do this, but that day is not good for me :frowning:

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Maybe not ideal, but still really cool. I’ve had “Build a Star Wars Mouse Droid” on my “some day” project pile for ages. There is a community who builds them by basically reskinning a Traxxis Bandit, but the donor car alone is in the $300 range (if you can even find one) so I never got around to really thinking much about it. This could be a fun “good enough” solution.

[Edit: These little guys who just run around in the background and crash into stuff for now reason :stuck_out_tongue:]


I’m interested! Is posting in this thread sufficient to sign up?

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This sounds awesome - though i’m busy on this day. Hopefully there will be a second one i can sit in on!

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I will be there! Let me know if you want the cash in hand or etf or paypal or what have ya.

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Yes! I’ll send out a message to everyone next week with the next steps.

I’ll do another round later on, assuming this one doesn’t clean me out of kits. I can’t make any promises on timeline, though!

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Awesome! I also have a couple non-member friends who are interested (perhaps some soon-to-be members?). How should they go about signing up?

If you’re confirming two, we can mark that down, and you can pass along the info.

Lemme know when / if that’s the case

And just a reminder that the vacuuform would make really easy bodies for these when you upgrade your car!


One confirmed! Other one had a scheduling conflict sadly.

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@Jarrett, thanks for conducting this workshop. If there is a space I would like to sign for the workshop. Please confirm. Thanks

Also interested!

Sweet, I can mark you both down.

I think there are two slots left, so get in quick!

If anyone wants to use a dedicated remote, I just left one in the Quadcopter Parts bin that’s above and to the right of the 3D printers. There’s a compatible receiver inside the battery compartment.

Someone also left an old DJI Phantom remote in there, you might be able to repurpose it with some (or a lot) of hacking.

I’ll do it!!!

If there’s still any slots left, I’ll take one!

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