Interest check and availability: RC Car workshop

Hi all,

I did an RC car workshop a few months ago. It was pretty fun.

I’m ready to run another. What date works for everyone?

There were a handful of people that couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts and pandemic. There were also a bunch of people that didn’t finish - Notably due to one technical error that we’ve since figured out. Priority in choosing times will be given to those groups, but happy to hear from new people that are interested.

I have 9 kits, but I’d probably cap this at 6 new people.
People who did not complete (or just want to further hack on it) can feel free to come on down and we’ll get you fixed up.

The time would be starting at 6pm.

  • Tue Sept 20
  • Wed Sept 21
  • Thurs Sept 22
  • Tue Sept 27
  • Wed Sept 28
  • Thurs Sept 29
  • Tues Oct 4
  • Wed Oct 5
  • Thurs Oct 6

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Hi Jarrett, thanks for planning to organise another RC car workshop and for tagging me on this announcement. Unfortunately I am going to miss this, I am not in Vancouver for couple of months. Maybe I get to participate in future.
Wishing all the participants lot of fun :slight_smile:

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I’ll hold off on this for now, will likely post again with a little more notice when the weather actually turns.

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