PCB Design Workshop - Monday, March 5th

Monday, March 5th, starting at 7:00pm, I will be hosting a printed circuit board design workshop.

The cost will be $5 for non-members, or free for members of the Vancouver Hack Space. This is still slightly unpolished will be capped at 6 people.

We will be starting the creation of a PCB based on pre-existing schematics. The project is a Larson Scanner.

Recommended experience level: Maybe put together a breadboard circuit once.

We’ll go over:

  • What a PCB is

  • Standard workflow

  • Tech details and gotchas

  • Manufacturing and ordering

Your recommended skill level:

  • Comfortable with computers and technology in general
  • Seen PCBs before and know approximately what they do
  • Some soldering?

Upverter will be the PCB design package of choice for this workshop. It’s nice because it’s relatively intuitive, capable, free, and cloud-based.

Please create an account and do the tutorial before showing up, and then bring your laptop and a mouse on the night. It’s painful to do PCB design with a trackpad.

I’ll post an Eventbrite account in a few hours for the non-VHS exposure. Post here to sign up.


woot! I am in thanks @Jarrett

Hi @Jarrett,
Could you send me the workshop link? I am interested in the Larson scanner but have already attended your Upverter workshop.

Me too!

I’m in for this one.


Anyone doing the tutorial? I’m at the spot where you drop a trace from C11 to ground layer. There is no C11 on the board though. What am I missing? I guess it could be C1? I’ve tried a couple of things. Will come in early and try to figure it out.

Also have to add - this service is great! So much easier to use than Kicad.

@Jarrett This was a great class!

I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about laying out printed circuit boards.

I’m looking forward to using Upverter more and getting an actual board manufactured.



What @Majich said! I’ve always found everything PCB related a bit intimidating, and at the same time was jealous of all the cool things that other people were doing with them. Not that I’m now in a position to do partycats and stuff like that, but it’s definitely not that bad, it reminded me more of how you would go about 3D printing something than, say, learning latin while holding your breath underwater. Moreover, the part where you untangle the wiring (sorry for the bad nomenclature) was super zen, couldn’t quite get a flat graph, but the two level thing was very cool to play with.

Thanks a lot @Jarrett


Tag me / count me in for the next round.

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Big thanks to @Jarrett for the class.

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