Official Upverter CatchUp


Hey all,

Upverter is in town on Thursday, July 19th, and they’re hosting a meetup at VHS! It will be from 7pm to 10pm, and they are supplying food/beer so RSVP on the facebook event!

Some more information here:

Spread this around, this event is open to members and nonmembers alike.

For those that don’t know what Upverter is, it’s the PCB-software-of-choice I’ve been pushing for VHS members, because it’s simple, intuitive, and the collaboration features are good for me or other people to just hop on and check out designs or provide help.
I’ve run a few workshops, and will be running more when time allows.

Paging potentially interested people: @Rebel_without_Clause @Janet @Andrew_Hendriks @tdwebste @ryanmaclean @3bien @chadleaman @Majicj @Variable @Hekseskudd @packetbob


I will try to be there…


Thank you for the heads up!