Now Playing at the East Van VODVILLE

Now playing at the East Van VODVILLE:


This week we are running the camera in reverse.

  • First up, Buster Keaton finds out the dangers of sleeping on the job in 1924’s Sherlock Jr.
    Wikipedia (3:18)

  • Next we learn the hazards of over cranking the film with the magic lantern scene from Karel Zeman’s 1958 masterpiece Invention For Destruction
    Wikipedia (2:05)

  • Singing on the job does make the day go faster, but if you are a projectionist is a good idea to keep the PA system off. Its the musical projectionists scene from 1937’s This Way Please directed by Robert Florey. (1:46)

  • Finally we reveal what’s happening when you press the button, its the reopening scene from 1957’s The Smallest Show on Earth directed by Basil Dearden (1:39)



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June 2024

Its our summer solstice soft opening!
A silent fiction quadruple feature!
with clips from four classics of Science Fiction.

All this presented in glorious TINY VISION™!


Previously at the East Van VODVILLE

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July 2024
Canadian R̶a̶i̶l̶r̶o̶a̶d Animation Trilogy!

Three classics of Canadian Animation, presented for the first time in Tinyscope™

  • First up its the bloodthirsty scourge of Algonquin park, Blackfly directed by Christopher Hinton
    Watch it here.

  • Next, if you ask any girl from the parish around what their favorite short film is, and after they tell you to mind your own business, they will let you know that they are fond of the Log Drivers Waltz directed by John Weldon
    Watch it here.

  • We tried to take it off because at 7 minutes it was too long for our format, but you know how that goes, its The Cat Came Back directed by Cordell Barker
    Watch it here.

  • Also keep your eyes open for a surprise appearance by the elusive Canadian House Hippo!

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More information about the East Van Vodville and its construction in this thread.

Finally we’d like to thank the NFB for not sending us a cease and desist letter… yet.