East Van VODVILLE Suggestion Thread

As some of you may be aware, the space how has its own mini movie theatre

So now that the theatre is largely reliable (just jinxed it) we are fast approaching the issue of what do we play, and I hope you can help.

We want this to be a community theatre, so fire away some ideas for things you want to see on the tiny screen. Credit will be given unless you tell us to do otherwise.

Here’s what we’ve found worked best at the cinema so far:

  • Ideally each clip is no longer than 3:30 (minutes not hours, our seating is lacking)
  • Cohesive scenes without a bunch of edits work best. Think of a scene that tells a complete mini story arc even without the context of the rest of the film. i.e.: Set up, action, and effect
  • Keep it family friendly, nothing that will cause awkward conversations with the parents when their child watches a film.

First two points are negotiable, the last one isn’t, at least until we get some kind of VODVILLE after dark script happening.

Oh and this is what we’ve done so far.

Regarding copyright, my understanding is that there are carve outs in Canada for fair dealing for purposes of education and review, which I think this falls under as long as we are not reproducing more than a small portion of the film. We are a non profit, no one is being charged or making money, and its not competing with the rightsholders business activities. I am open to counter arguments.

Please post your ideas this thread or in the google doc where we’ve started some themes (but are open to more).

If you want to curate a whole week or show your stuff, just post below and let us know.


I don’t know if anyone remembers Zed, but this would have been a fantastic format for that. I wonder (much like that post’s author) if any of it survived.