MMC Project: Help Us Hack These Toys (5 types to choose from)

Here’s another really fun project from Makers Making Change. Sunnyhill Centre loans out toys to children with disabilities. They need more toys and we can help!

We’ll be:

  • adding switch adapters to known toys
  • figuring out how to add them to new toys (fun to troubleshoot)
  • reporting feedback so MMC can update/create build guides
  • due date: August 18th

Skills needed:

  • soldering
  • for new toys, some circuit testing/troubleshooting

Why join in?

  • fun to troubleshoot
  • learn about adaptive tech and circuits
  • help kids play and develop

Toy’s Available (Please sign up below):

  1. BeatBo [instructions should be similar to the Beat Bow Wow]

  2. Beat Bow Wow [instructions]

  3. Beat Bo Junior [instructions should be similar to the Beat Bow Wow]

  4. Spinning Light Globe [no instructions, help us figure it out]

  5. Sloth [instructions]

Please indicate what you’ll be building:

  • Fisherprice BeatBo (2 available)
  • Fisherprice BeatBowWow (2 available)
  • Fisherprice BeatBo Jr (6 available)
  • Spinning Light Globe (5 available)
  • Sloth (7 available)

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Toys and the switch adapter parts are available now at VHS in the front office. Thanks in advance for pitching in.You are awesome!


This looks super fun :slight_smile: Is this all being done as a group on a specific date or just any time before the 18th?

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Hey @Cash_Garman! Any time before the 18th. In the past we’ve done the group thing but with Covid vhsers having been doing them individually/at home/etc. If you fancy joining in that would be awesome!

I should also add…there are some other really great ways to help MMC as well. They have a forum of assistive device challenges.

Just bumping this. We still have lots of toys left to adapt if anyone is looking for a quick and fun project this weekend.

How’s it going with the toy hacks out there?

Hi all,

I was at the space yesterday and took a look at things. There are still a few toys to be hacked, if you have time this weekend and want to give it a go.

Left to switch adapt:

I moved these toys into the “Leopard” / furnace room in back corner.

I am hoping to get these to Sunny Hill Children’s Hospital by end of the month. If anyone is looking for a weekend project feel free to nab one (or a whole set - the first one is always the hardest). I’m going to head back to space next Thursday to grab them all for final QC and prep to get them to Sunny Hill by end of the month.

So if you have some right now, please try to return by them to VHS by Wednesday next week.

Thank you everyone for our help!

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Just bumping this, if you fancy a quick toy hack, please do. Chad is picking up on completed toys on Thursday.