MMC Toy Hacking: Beat Bo Junior

Instructions (should be similar)

Since we’d like to capture feedback so MMC can update instructions I figured I’d start this thread. Feel free to post any success, problems, questions, or suggestions for documentation.

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Not sure this guy is hackable. Pdf of exploded view and take apart (but not put together again) video. Looks like it is not possible to take apart body cavity without extreme force.
Any thoughts ideas welcome.
Bright Beat Bo Junior 00 take down.pdf (3.6 MB)


Luckily, you only have to disassemble the head section to mod this toy!

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I put the jack on the back of the head of the toy. I de-soldered the wire from the vibration switch and extended it to the jack instead, unfortunately that mean the toy can no longer be activated via booping the head.

You only need to open up the head section (make sure toy is turned off)

Placement of the hole for the jack. I used a dremmel to make the hole. You can also use a 7/32 or 1/4 drill bit

Solder the wires and insulate them with hot glue or heat shrink tube
Glueing the switch into place