MMC Toy Hacking: The Smooth Moves Sloth

Sloth Instructions

Since we’d like to capture feedback to update instructions I figured I’d start this thread for sloth hacking. Feel free to post any success, problems, questions, or suggestions for documentation.

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Woo hoo, Sloths have left the building. I nabbed two of them plus parts. They were immediately inspected by Crumble the Hacker Cat. I’m fairly sure he is worried it will replace him.



Did a thing, quite straight forward


Nice! I’ll be up there on thursday checking out where things are at. We still have some toys up there if anyone feel like doing a few makes.

Here are my Sloth Notes:

Things I did that might be good added to the instructions

  • when soldering hook up wire to the jack leads I added heat shrink over the connections, helps to avoid ripping out the wires when installing the jacks and just makes those small connections more secure. See photo:

  • when soldering wires on to the sloth circuit board’s existing connections I used flux (not mentioned in the instructions) to help reflow the joint. Probably worth doing as they are likely oxidized and also are unleaded. (Note: I used leaded solder because that’s what I had around, worked fine).

  • when soldering a wire from each switch on to the same small existing connection (the final step in the instructions), I first twisted the 2 wires from each switch together, tinned that connection, and then soldered them in one go. This is much easier than trying to solder each wire individually. See photo below:

Finished sloth dudes at VHS:

I left them in the furnace room with the other toys. So long lil guys. Play well!