MMC Toy Hacking: The Smooth Moves Sloth

Sloth Instructions

Since we’d like to capture feedback to update instructions I figured I’d start this thread for sloth hacking. Feel free to post any success, problems, questions, or suggestions for documentation.

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Woo hoo, Sloths have left the building. I nabbed two of them plus parts. They were immediately inspected by Crumble the Hacker Cat. I’m fairly sure he is worried it will replace him.



Did a thing, quite straight forward


Nice! I’ll be up there on thursday checking out where things are at. We still have some toys up there if anyone feel like doing a few makes.

Here are my Sloth Notes:

Things I did that might be good added to the instructions

  • when soldering hook up wire to the jack leads I added heat shrink over the connections, helps to avoid ripping out the wires when installing the jacks and just makes those small connections more secure. See photo:

  • when soldering wires on to the sloth circuit board’s existing connections I used flux (not mentioned in the instructions) to help reflow the joint. Probably worth doing as they are likely oxidized and also are unleaded. (Note: I used leaded solder because that’s what I had around, worked fine).

  • when soldering a wire from each switch on to the same small existing connection (the final step in the instructions), I first twisted the 2 wires from each switch together, tinned that connection, and then soldered them in one go. This is much easier than trying to solder each wire individually. See photo below:

Finished sloth dudes at VHS:

I left them in the furnace room with the other toys. So long lil guys. Play well!


Hey everyone, we’ve potentially got another toy-hacking project coming up with all switch-adapted toys being donated to Sunnyhill. These are quick hacks that can be done at home or at VHS and basic soldering skills are required. More details will posted on talk or come join us in the MMC Channel on slack.

Slack (VHS slack login required)

If you’d like to be involved but don’t know how to solder please let us know.