Laser Training Oct. 2020

Starting this Tuesday Oct. 6 at 6pm, I’ll be starting up training on the laser cutter on a weekly basis. Post here to claim a spot.

Tuesday October 6, 6pm

Saturday October 17, 3pm

Tuesday October 20, 6pm

I’m thinking 3 people per week is good to allow each person to get proper hands-on use and keep things uncrowded.

Obviously all covid precautions will be taken where possible, masks, sanitizing all surfaces, air flow, distancing where possible, etc.

Here’s the details:
Cost is $30, payed in cash at the training or ahead of time as a paypal donation here
Usually runs about 2.5 hours.
Completion of the training will grant access to the use of the laser cutter, and you must be a VHS member to use the laser cutter once trained.

More details and further reading

If you would like to stay after and make something cool, bring a vector file saved as a .dxf or older version .ai and we can try it out!


@Brian_Stubbs @Edmond_Santelices @RobotRamen @Cantina_Dude @Davonna @Gorn

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Please sign me up for October 17th @ 3pm. Thanks @TristanL.

@TristanL Please mark me down for Tuesday October 6 at 6pm! Thanks so much!

Hi Tristan, I would like to participate if you still have spot available. Thanks!

Leonardo Collares

Sure Leonardo, does this Tuesday at 6pm work for you? If not take a look at the other slots above and let me know!

Yes, this Tuesday works fine. Thanks!
See you there at 6pm.

Sign me up for Oct 17 please and thank you! I’ll send donation soon as I get home tonight
Also, just curious, if I could, can bring Plus one?

Hi Tristan, could you please sign me in for this Tuesday October 6, please?

Thank you!!

Ok, Oct 6 now full see you guys soon.

Sure, fine with me

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I’d love to get the last remaining spot on Saturday the 17th!

Hey, I’d like to take a slot on Tuesday 20th, Thanks!

Could I sign up for a spot on Oct 20th please if it’s still available! Thank you!

Ok, everyone is signed up, there’s just one more spot on the 20th.

Feel free to continue posting if you would be interested, and I’ll tag you on next months schedule

Could I grab that last spot on the 20th? Thanks!

I’d like to join on Tuesday October 20, 6pm, or any other day should one free up.

Thank you for training us today Tristan! Please let me know if we decide to get honey-cone flat bed for the laser cutter. Im more than happy to contribute!


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It would definitely be a good addition, I’ve posted a thread.

Hi, I am interested. Please let me know when you do another training in the upcoming weeks / months.


@Noah (and anyone else interested!)

To end off October’s laser training, I’ll be running two more training sessions at the end of the month.

note: I plan to audio record these sessions to start on a script for delivering some of the repetitive parts by video for future sessions. The recordings will not be made public - they’re to help nail down the script for what I say, but if you’re not comfortable with that, these are probably not the best sessions for you!

Please see the other details in Tristan’s original post, and confirm your ability to login to Nomos prior to the session.

(now cancelled due to lack of interest) ~a weekday session on Friday the 30th@noon~

  • A weekend afternoon session on Sunday the 1st @ 2pm (two slots remaining).

Reply here to claim a spot!