Laser Training Oct. 2020

Hi Jon, I’ll take one spot on Sunday, November 1st. I can log in to nomos. Not sure, why it is relevant for this training though.

Thanks for coordinating this!

The Laser Cutter’s access control system is integrated with Nomos - and there’s a little bit of setup involved the first time you use it that we’ll go over in the class.

Thanks for doing training @tristanL and @jon. I know it is more difficult at the moment with covid, so putting on these sessions is extra-appreciated.

Hey, do you have any interest in doing the laser cutting this evening at 6pm?
I’m currently enrolled, but can’t see myself getting out of work in time now. If you can’t make it, i’ll get there, but if it works for you, let me know

Hey. I can make it! Are you sure?


Yeah go for it, I’ll see if I can do it at some other time. Enjoy!

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Bump for registration:

nobody has expressed interest in the weekday session, so I’m going to cancel the Friday session.

There are still two spots for Laser Training on Sunday!

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Hi @jon. Actually I would like to take the Friday session instead of Sunday if possible. Or at least talk with you about a laser I’m trying to fix for my friend.

okay, no one else on Sunday, so I can do tomorrow @ noon, if you confirm you can still make it.

Hello Tristan, I just saw this message and had my initial tour yesterday!

My girlfriend’s 40th birthday is on Nov 6th and I would love to be able to laser cut a template to then spray paint onto her coffee mug.

Is there any chance that I could convince you to do an ad hoc lesson for me? I could cover your cost happily.

Thank you,

Hey @Mehash, for a mug stencil you should definitely make it on the vinyl cutter instead, if you go in on Sunday 12-4 @yeungx or someone else should be able to give you a hand.

Welcome to the space, look forward to meeting you!

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Ok great, i would love to do that! Also interested to print a photo onto the same mug if that is possible

Hey I am looking for the lazer training over the week en or week day after 6pm thanks.