Laser Cutter Training

Training this Saturday at 1:30pm, get your tickets here

If tickets run out I’m also willing to put on another session at 3pm.

Ticket paid so see ya saturday?

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Any plans to have another training session for the laser cutter soon? My schedule is quite flexible at the moment, so practically any time should work. Hopefully I’ll be a pretty quick study, as I’ve used waterjet cutters before, multiple CAD softwares, etc.

I plan to be at the space tomorrow evening or Thurs evening so I can train you. I will have to msg you tomorrow to confirm the time as I usually get off work around 530 downtown. Please bring $30 for donation to hackspace for training. I forgot the price so maybe bring $35 incase. Will confirm the price and time tomorrow.

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Fantastic. Either evening should work for me, as long as I’ve got enough notice to get there.

Hi @Miriam. I’m also interested in learning the laser cutter. Would you be able and willing to take a second student for the lesson? I’ll check here tomorrow.

How bout let’s make it tomorrow evening to accomodate everyone’s schedule.
I usually get off at 5:30 downtown from work so let’s say 7pm. Please
message me with your numbers incase anything happens with my schedule and I
can let you know.

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Miriam how many people can you train at once as I’d like to get up to speed on the Laser as well.

Hey @miriam, sry, I’m on a bus now but I might be about 10 min late…

I’d like two participate in a training soon, when is the next one?

I’m a new member, just signed up today. :smile:

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Me too! :smile:
Recently joined member interested in the laser as well!

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I just joined as a member and I would like to be trained on the laser cutter along with two of my friends (three of us total). Two of us are available any time, but one of us works a day job and is only available nights and weekends (or he may possibly be able to leave work during the day if needed).

Hey guys,

thanks to everyone who’s expressed interest in Laser Training - we definitely hear you!

Unfortunately availability limitations have put us behind on running the sessions - for transparency, here’s my upcoming plans for sessions. For space and time reasons, we limit sessions to ~5 people. Anyone getting trained must be a VHS member.

I expect to be able to run one next monday, August 3rd (BC day) in the late afternoon.
I also plan on running one on the weekend of the 8th/9th.

Once I’ve finalized a time, I’ll post ticket links as a new thread.

For people previously trained at the bunker and just needing the refresher on the new ventilation system, etc. We’ve been running those ad-hoc, as they only take around 10 minutes. Ask in #Laser on slack for when people will be available.


Yessss! I can do August 3rd! The weekend of August 8th-9th is also currently free for me. <3 <3

I’m in for August 9th and my two friends will likely be signing up as members and joining on that day as well.

I’m a member and I’d like to sign up for the training session on the weekend of 8th/9th. Thanks!

id like to sign up for the august 3rd class. hope there is still room thanks

Until @jon posts the links to the tickets, there’s still room. Posting messages here is good for letting trainers know how much interest there is, but tickets on Picatic or Eventbrite are what determines who’s in which training session.

I’m not sure how it works now, but it used to be the case that when tickets went up, notification was posted to the members-only category. If Jon is doing it that way, I think people mentioned earlier in the thread who were going to sign up for VHS membership and laser training at the same time may have a bit of a logistical problem, since they won’t be seeing that posting.

Thanks Bruce,

As he said, I’ll post a link to picatic as soon as I create it.
I’m out of vancouver until midnight sunday, and have only spotty internet access at the moment - sorry for the lack of clarity.

@jevonearth and anyone else interested:

Okay, was able to check that the laser is functioning fine for the class.

I’ll be running a training session for new laser users today at 5PM (sorry for short notice)

tickets are first come first serve - we can get 4 people in at a time.
signup on eventbrite - if all tickets are gone, the event is full.

I should be able to run another session next weekend as well, for anyone who can’t make this one.

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