Laser Cutter Training

Running a bit late, hopefully can make it there in time =/

Definitely interested… let me know when the next training is.

Interested. But a Tuesday night will probably work better for me.

I’ll put you on the list however I’m not sure how feasible training would be on an open house night.

For everyone else that hasn’t been trained I have you all on a list and you’ll be notified as soon as the next date comes up, I suspect it will be within the next 10 days.


You can add me to the list too - I’m itching to get started on building my Piccolo

Too short of a notice for me this week but I would like to be on the next Training

Sending my $30 to VHS PayPal @Jarrett

I’ll be running the next training @ 7:15 this Thursday - 4 people.

By end of day Tuesday, We’ll be PMing a ticket link to the first 4 people on the waiting list, they will have 24 hours (end of day Wed) to claim the spots. If any remain, we’ll post the link publicly, first come first serve.


Thanks Jon - I already took laser training so I’m looking for reorientation instead. Is that the same as Thursday or am I looking at another night? THanks! Janet

Hey Janet - for re-orientation, please see the other thread.

Hey thanks - derp!

There are several spots available for tonights training - first come first serve:

We have 2 spots free tomorrow night at 6pm - 8pm, PM me if you are interested.

Looks like we are almost caught up on training, the only people left are @hjsvhsweb, @CHO
@Stephen_Samuel, I can do training either Saturday or Sunday (ideally one or the other) so tell me know which day works better for you.

Also anyone else that wants training let me know and we’ll see if we can fit you in this weekend.

Thursday night would have been perfect for me. I have a birthday party on
the sunshine coast this evening (Saturday)…

If anyone is looking for laser Training, I’m free tomorrow at 3:30. Let me know if you are interested, I have room for 5 people.

Put me down for whenever the next training is just DM me on slack and I will be there

I’d be down for training on this anyday.

I’m in.

I’d be interested in this anytime in next week or so.