"Illuminate This" v1.0 and v1.1

So! A bunch of these boards have been built.

See the original topics over here:

Check out this cool build:

I still have some aluminum v1.0 versions left over, and some people have been picking up the new v1.1 boards (normal PCB).

I’m really excited to see our VHS LEDs getting used for great things.

If you want an aluminum board, I’d like to sell out of them. If you didn’t already build them, there’s a bit of an error so I’ve got a bodge procedure to get them to work You can buy them for no money, all I ask is you donate 20+ minutes of time to the hack space and document on talk what you did on talk (this forum) and link this thread.

Right now the boards are in my bin, but I’ll probably transfer them into bags in the drop box if people are interested in this deal.

If anyone wants to buy one of the v1.1 boards, those are for sale. If you’ve put one of those together, I’m keenly interested in your experience and if there’s anything else you want out of a standard simple function LED board (I’m keeping “Illuminate This” simple, so no active control, PWM, drivers, colors etc. Those can all be on upstream boards if you want. These are effectively just little area lights for making signage, light boxes, or whatever else you dream up that needs. a lot of light.

If I “sell” out of the v1 and have some good ideas for the next revision, I’ll make whatever tweaks and ship off v2 with my next PCB order.