Help to cnc a brass stamp


I have a piece of brass and want to use the cnc to put my logo on it so I can use it as a stamp/branding iron.

It is a simple design. I don’t have a CAM yet but I have fusion 360 and will make one tomorrow.

I’ve never used a cnc before though and was wondering if anyone would be willing to show me the ropes.


P.s. @Majicj I found this past talk post for your branding iron project. Looks incredible, pretty much exactly what I am aiming for. Any tips for someone new to cnc?

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If you have not done any CNC work before I highly recommend starting off learning with the wood CNC first just to wrap your head around concepts. There are a number of members who can teach you this.

Check out this talk thread for learning resources and how to progress

Doing this will likely save you some $'s on tooling. Next up get some training on the using the metal CNCs.

For this particular project keep in mind that feeds and speeds for brass are different than aluminum or mild steel. This just adds a bit more stuff to think about when creating your CAM. I can share the F360 settings I used from my project. Keep in mind that these were for the Taig CNC which we no longer have at VHS. You’ll likely be using the 6040 CNC for this project.



Awesome! Thanks for the tips.
If you are willing to share the settings you used that would definitely help to get me started with a baseline to work from. I’d really appreciate that, thanks!


Link to view my fusion 360 branding iron project.

If you want a copy of the project PM your email address and I will send you the f3d file and you can import it directly to Fusion 360. It’s not too big. 361 Kb

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