CNC Training Part 2

I know we have a backlog of folks looking to start using the CNCs. Even though we don’t have a perfect training curriculum planned out yet, we’d like to just start doing trainings and design the curriculum as we go.


How it works

  1. You need to already know a CAD package reasonably well. Most of the trainers use Fusion 360 but you could use something else if you prefer.
  2. You also need to self-study and learn the world of CAM by watching @Lukeo’s online presentation and the other youtube videos he’s linked in the resources above.
  3. You will get paired with a trainer for 1-on-1 consultation over slack. Discuss what project you want to attempt first. We’ll help you assess feasibility, machine choice, material, work-holding strategy, endmill selection, etc.
  4. Do your CAM and send it to us for review. If you use F360 you can share the project. We can go back and forth a few times until we’re satisfied it’s going to work.
  5. We schedule a couple hours in person to use the machine to cut your project.

Once you’re trained on one machine, you will only need a casual orientation on the other machine. Currently the two machines we can use are Lukeo’s wood CNC (for wood and plastics) and the 6040 (for plastics and aluminum).

The point of the training will be to get you started in safely using the machines and understanding the workflow. Your first project may not turn out very well! This is the beginning of a big CNC learning journey. As trainers we’ll do our best, but we’re not experts.

This training (and the CNC machines) are for current VHS members only. If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for??


$100 fee will go entirely to VHS
(In the future the CNCC may skim a bit of this for expenses directly related to training)


Luke Cyca (@lukecyca):

Luke Brooks (@Lukeo):

Reuben Zilberberg (@Reuben):


Should we ping a trainer directly about a slot, or post here? I have a project and workpiece I believe I have ready for the wood CNC, and did Luke’s training.


I’m interested in getting trained on the 6040 or wood CNC!

You can just post here and I’ll slot you in FIFO. Or if anyone wants to make special arrangements with a particular trainer or future month, post here with those details as well.

This thread will serve as a “who’s been trained” for now as well.

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Hi, I am realy interested in the cnc training . its the reason why a join vhs …
you can book me anytime. week end and after 5pm. I also have experience with fusion and mach3

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I too am interested
I’m pretty familiar with a few cad packages
And I’m currently working through the cam videos and can definately have a project up and ready for.trial.

I can fit another trainee in Feb. Looks like @Yannick_Tremblay is next in line?


If there’s any more space for February I’d be interested. I don’t think I’ll be at the space much in March but I’d be down for April or later!

I’d like to sign up for March!

Hi, I would like a to take the 6040 CNC training for aluminum. I used other CNC’s before, but I haven’t gone far processing aluminum. And I just broke my one nice 1/8" tool bit (it didn’t last 5 minutes). I’m up for March if it’s still available.

Please add me for March if space is available. I’m interested in the wood CNC at this time.

I’m also interested in the wood CNC.

ooh I bought the plans for this drag knife years ago and never got around to the CNC parts. Sign me up please!

How do we go about paying for this ?

You can just pay your trainer, and they will take care of it getting into vhs and into the cnc committee.

Just wondering if there is any posted calendar for this. Not pushing, I just don’t want to miss the boat.

I’ll reach out to arrange a time.


I would like training too, what’s the next step after committing here? :slight_smile:

I can book you in @Gavitron.

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I would like CNC training! Is this the right place to ask?

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