CNC Basics Online Class Jan 28th 7pm

We have many CNC’s at VHS and they are almost all operational so lets learn how to use them. This training will be focusing on the CNC Router use. Although the same processes apply to all the CNC’s at VHS.

Homework to try and complete before class:

This old tony CNC router guide:

Another CNC Basics Video:

Mach 3 Video Tutorial:

We will cover the basics of CAD, CAM and Mach 3 use for the machines at VHS. I’m no expert but hopefully I can explain the basics of the processes and requirements to use these machine.

*This won’t qualify you for use of the machines yet as we will still need to do in-person one on one training. This will be a prerequisite and a good way to learn in a shared environment.

Please post below (or fill out the poll below) if you would like to attend. I’m expecting this to be a 1hr session. If we don’t cover everything we can always arrange more sessions.

Edit: This event will be recorded and will included live captioning. If you wish not to be recorded please turn off your video and mic. The chat window will not be recorded or saved.

Edit 2: Recording can be viewed here:



I’d be interested.

Count me in.


Count me in please.

Will you attend online CNC Basics Workshop?
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I’m interested too.

W00t for free online workshops! Man I love VHS…a sole light in the hackerspace ecosystem right now.

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You’re good people @Lukeo!


very in!


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this is great!!! is there a class size?

my zoom limit is 300 sooooooo not as yet.


I’m in!!! Thanks!

I’m interested! Count me in :slightly_smiling_face:

I am interested!



Thanks @Lukeo! I would be connected.

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No pressure Luke - just put us all on mute. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interested! Thanks!

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I’m very interested too as I’m building an MPCNC right now. But I can’t make it as I live in Europe now. Time zones are annoying :frowning:

Any chance that this could be recorded?