Fundraising event Tuesday Feb 25- Pancake Tuesday Electrical Fundraiser

Hey Y’all!

Tuesday February 25 is Mardi Gras, and I thought that would be a great opportunity to throw a fundraiser for the electrical work.

Bobby has been doing some amazing work on the space getting our electrical needs met, and giving us an amazing rate. Even so, paying him for it is going to take a big chunk out of our reserve fund, so it would be prudent to replenish the coffers sooner rather than later, because we don’t want to be caught out by any surprise events.

I will take care of pancakes (including securing a food permit) and ensuring that there will be some alligator-relevant retro video game content on the giant video wall, and do a little bit of promoting on Facebook.

Invite your friends, invite your co-workers, invite strangers you meet in line at DL Chicken.

If you have any ideas about how you could pitch in to make this an awesome event, I want to hear them!

We’ve got two weeks, let’s see what we can do!

Metal Janet


I’ll bring a bunch of lemons and sugar (which is pretty tasty if you’ve never had it on pancakes) and will also throw in. What else do you need? Let us know.


Thanks Janet!


-electric griddle
-decorations like beads and streamers and that kind of crap would be awesome.
-Ladles, spatulas, serving spoons, mixing bowls and a hand mixer would all be welcome; I’d rather not bring mine and get them all de-celiac friendy-ed.

-Add things to this playlist so that it’s not just wall to wall Clifton Chenier, which is what will happen if I’m left to my own devices.

-if somebody wants to get a liquor license for this they’re welcome to; being a Tuesday night it doesn’t strike me as a big drinking event, so I’m not going to go out of my way for it myself.

-An extra set of speakers that we can used for the video wall (they don’t need to be super powerful)

-I’m also going to need at least two volunteers to help cook and take donations. I already have my Foodsafe so I can supervise.

-if people want to make some themed party favours that can be sold for donations, that would also be really cool (little laser cut masks or doubloons maybe?)

It’s kinda short notice for a silent auction, but if somebody truly believes they can pull it off in two weeks, by all means go for it; if it’s marginal, let’s start thinking about who we could approach for the next fundraiser, which will be in a few months. The present one doesn’t have to be a full-on extravaganza.

-generally getting the hackspace clean and tidied up over the next two weeks would be amazing. Best foot forward and all that. It’s not terrible right now, but I have seen it looking better.

-do we have a square card reader setup? Or similar? I don’t want to be all cash for this thing.


Just got off the phone with Coastal Health, and they say everything looks good for the food permit, so let’s go full steam ahead!


VHS has a square reader I think (@xquared did you use one for carfreeday?). If not I have one I can bring. It’s the swipe version not the tap version.

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I have a tap version i can bring in.





Event poster! Help us spread the word. Print this out and put it up at work or email it around.

pdf and png here:


Anyone got a deep fryer? We could do beignets for that marde gras feel.

bump. More help needed for this please. Volunteering to assist with this is an awesome way to get to know other vhs folks and also build good cred for keyholder vouching.


I’ll help out however I can. In the meantime I’m looking into some items on your wishlist @Metal_Janet.


A few of us were kicking ideas around tonight, and hit on the notion of $50 pancakes… basically a $43 donation to the space that gets you $7 worth of ridiculously fancy ingredients and an experience to remember. Like gold leaf, fruit juice caviar, pyrotechnics on your food kinda stuff. My home kitchen is pretty experimental, so I won’t have to gamble any money on ingredients.

Anybody down for some culinary stupidity for a good cause?


I have left a two burner induction hotplate and griddle in the kitchen
The induction needs two seperate pans (cause it needs to be magnetically isolated ) so maybe the cast iron griddle won’t be useable for both sides I’ll come up with something by next week


Also I can help but I won’t be able to be there till 7:30 or 8 pm


All you need is a wok and a spider
I do it all the time
Ventilation is a big issue though

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I’m pretty excited about pancake toppings and may need to stray from my usual lemon and sugar. I hear rumours of banana/nutella and other delicious things as well as the mega-watt 3-phase $50 electric pancake.

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What are the three price points for? Just different suggested donation values or actually getting different things?

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The $5 donation gets you a fairly basic range of pancake toppings-- butter and syrup, cinnamon and sugar, lemon and sugar, berries and whipped cream, cheddar cheese.

The $10 donation gets you fancier toppings-- banana nutella, pancakes suzette, bananas foster, cherries jubilee, ham/cheese/onion.

The $50 option is a surprise gourmet insanity pancake.


I’m in to help cook, take donations, etc. day of!


hi folks, I’m new here but I’d love to help out with the fundraiser. @Metal_Janet let me know if you need a volunteer for cooking and donation collection.