VHS Kitchen Sink - help needed

Sorry if this comes across as “someone should” but I don’t have much plumbing experience. Does anyone know what is up with the kitchen sink? When we moved in I believe it leaked or was plugged and was not usable. With Electric Pancake Armaggedon coming up - it would be great for pancake makers to be able to use that sink.

Does anyone know more/can take a look/help out?

Saying the pancake crew has got everything but the kitchen sink?

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lol I don’t think we even have a pancake crew yet. Moar peeps needed if you’re interested in helping out.

Actually rumor has it that a new sink and counter may be going in also. If you can help out please post here.

I’m putting together drawings to throw at the landlord after the weekend. Because we’re just replacing a fixture and not moving it, we won’t need a permit. I can’t see the landlord objecting. Build party next weekend.